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IMPORTANT: The images contained in MimPIDD may not be published without the specific permission of the institution that owns the vessel. MimPIDD cannot give permission to publish. Material in private collections may not be published. Please see the document "Ethics and Permission to Access MimPIDD" for more information.

The Mimbres Pottery Images Digital Database (MimPIDD) is a collection of over 9,000 images of Mimbres ceramic vessels, among the most spectacular and renowned prehistoric pottery in North America. The Mimbres archaeological culture, concentrated in southwest New Mexico, is particularly noted for its stunning black-on-white style bowls, which were often decorated with naturalistic designs (especially ca. A.D. 1000-1130). MimPIDD digital images illustrate the painted designs on each vessel, along with associated descriptive information about archaeological context, temporal style, and vessel form and size. Numerous collections of Mimbres pottery vessels exist, scattered across many countries and dozens of museum and private collections. The dispersed nature of these collections makes it difficult to undertake comprehensive studies of Mimbres ceramics. The MimPIDD image collection and database brings together visual and descriptive information from many of these collections, allowing easy access to a wealth of disparate data. Created by Harvard Peabody Museum Curator Steven LeBlanc and Arizona State University Professor Michelle Hegmon, MimPIDD contains images and data from more than 70 collections and over 80 archaeological sites. The creation of MimPIDD was made possible by generous support from the Turner Foundation; its continual refinement is supported by the Mimbres Foundation. Some widely available references on Mimbres archaeology and pottery include: Brody, J.J. (2002) Mimbres Painted Pottery (2nd edition) School of American Research Press, Santa Fe; Hegmon, Michelle (2002) Recent Issues in the Archaeology of the Mimbres Region of the North American Southwest. Journal of Archaeological Research, 10:307-357; and Nelson, Margaret and Michelle Hegmon, editors (2010) Mimbres: Lives and Landscapes. School of Advanced Research Press, Santa Fe.

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