Hofstadir Monograph Project

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The original archaeofauna was worked up for a monograph publication edited by Gavin Lucas, and one folder contains the phasing information and correspondence around the monograph production as well as the spreadsheets producing the graphics, and some jpeg images from the monograph project and some power points created to describe the archaeofauna and site. The monograph chapter is included and represents the fullest statement about the large Viking Age archaeofauna. The chapter is also now posted on the NABO website as a pdf downloadable (www.nabohome.org).

2009 McGovern, Thomas H., Sophia Perdikaris, Ingrid Mainland, Philippa Ascough, Vicki Ewens, Arni Einarsson, Jane Sidell, George Hambrecht, and Ramona Harrison, Chapter 4 : The archaeofauna, in: Gavin Lucas (ed.) Hofstaðir: Excavations of a Viking Age Feasting Hall in North Eastern Iceland , Inst. of Archaeology Reykjavik Monograph 1, Reykjavik. Pp 168-252.

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