Project Archaeology State Program Highlights: Celebrating 25 Years

Part of: Society for American Archaeology 80th Annual Meeting, San Francisco, CA (2015)

Project Archaeology started 25 years ago at the Bureau of Land Management in Utah. Since then, it has grown with established programs in 36 states. This poster session celebrates the diversity, complexity, and partnerships of Project Archaeology with submissions from a selection of state programs, including Florida, Colorado, Oklahoma, Iowa and Montana. Some state programs are 25 years old and have gone through a generation of changes. Some are very new and bring vital energy that feeds this synergetic network. In addition to geographic diversity, the Project Archaeology products developed by each state vary as the educational goals and archaeological resources differ. Come meet the people representing Project Archaeology in your state and learn how to get involved.

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  • Colorful Collaboration in Colorado: Recent Work by the Project Archaeology Colorado Chapter (2015)
    DOCUMENT Citation Only Rebecca Simon. Dani Hoefer. Sarah Baer.

    Colorado archaeologists have a long history in promoting Project Archaeology by providing data for curricula, field work opportunities, and training workshops. Nonetheless, for several years the participation was minimal. A revival of Project Archaeology in Colorado began in 2012 with a teacher training workshop in Broomfield, hosted by SWCA Consultants. Since then, the program steadily increased its presence across the state. Through the devoted efforts of its members, the Colorado Chapter...

  • Enhancing Archaeology Education and Outreach in Iowa through Project Archaeology (2015)
    DOCUMENT Citation Only Lynn Alex. Elizabeth Reetz.

    Iowa has been an active partner in Project Archaeology since 2002, joining at a time when the national program was redefining its mission, recreating its curriculum, and expanding its partnerships. This presented the opportunity to assist in determining the scope and direction of national Project Archaeology while remaining cognizant of the challenges Iowa would face as a state where curriculum decisions are locally determined. Thirteen years later, Iowa PA has a stable foothold with dedicated...

  • Montana Project Archaeology: Best Practices from a Teacher--Student Field School Collaboration in Virginia City, Montana (2015)
    DOCUMENT Citation Only Nancy Mahoney. Crystal Alegria.

    Located in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Montana State University (MSU), Bozeman, the Montana Project Archaeology (MPA) program has hosted a variety of professional development courses, institutes and workshops for teachers in Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota and Idaho since 2003. In 2013, MPA collaborated with MSU’s Department of Anthropology, the private archaeological firm InteResources, Inc., the Montana Heritage Commission and private landowners to conduct an archaeological...

  • The Power of National and State Engagement for Archaeology Education in Kansas (2015)
    DOCUMENT Citation Only Lauren Ritterbush. Virginia A. Wulfkuhle.

    Kansas has played a synergistic role in Project Archaeology for more than a decade. Archaeologists in the state linked with educators as early as 1992, disseminating curriculum materials as part of Kansas Archeology Week. An early focus on shelter played a key role in the development of national Project Archaeology's first Investigating Shelter unit, drawing on a Kansas example. Since then, the Kansas Historical Society has adopted the national themes of shelter, food and culture, and migration...

  • Project Archaeology in Florida: Teaching and Understanding Slavery at Kingsley Plantation (2015)
    DOCUMENT Citation Only Sarah Miller.

    The Florida Public Archaeology Network was established in 2005 and within a year hosted its first Project Archaeology: Intrigue of the Past workshop. As a proud sponsor of Project Archaeology in Florida, regional center staff partnered with the National Park Service and University of Florida to publish the first Investigating Shelter investigation in the southeast. It was also the first in the Investigating Shelter series to feature a National Park site. Investigating a Tabby Slave Cabin teacher...

  • Trials, Tribulations, and Triumphs of Bringing Project Archaeology to Oklahoma (2015)
    DOCUMENT Citation Only Ryan Howell. Meghan Forney. Holly L. Andrew. Stephanie Stutts.

    In conjunction with Secretary of the Interior’s new Play, Learn, Serve and Work Initiative, the Bureau of Land Management’s Oklahoma Field Office in Tulsa, Oklahoma has vastly expanded its archaeological outreach program by partnering with Project Archaeology. This partnership marks the first occasion Project Archaeology has been represented in the state of Oklahoma. Initially, we felt creating a new Project Archaeology Program in a state that has had none before would present a monumental task...