SRP Arizona Canal

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The Arizona Canal was begun in May 1883 by the Arizona Canal Company, which was formed in December 1882.

The original heading was the old Arizona Dam, located on the Salt River about one mile below the mouth of the Verde River. That dam was destroyed in a spring flood in 1886. A stronger Arizona Dam was rebuilt by January 1887. This second Arizona Dam was the only pioneer diversion dam that survived the big flood of February 1891. At that time, water flowed down the river at an estimated 291,000 cubic feet per second. The dam had been rebuilt with rock-filled wooden cribs from 32 train carloads of Oregon pine lumber, and while it was not destroyed, it did sustain damage.

Following the organization of the Salt River Valley Water Users' Association (Association) in 1903, the Secretary of Interior agreed to purchase the canal. The agreement was signed in March 1906, but it wasn't until May 1907 that the government assumed canal operation.

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