Advances in Archaeology of Prehistoric and Early China

Part of: Society for American Archaeology 82nd Annual Meeting, Vancouver, BC (2017)

The last decade academic has witnessed a dramatic progress in development of research on archaeological sciences in China. Recent achievement in this area has resulted in some interpretations on new materials of prehistoric and early historic China which would be interested to international communities. Papers in this symposium will present on-going projects that address new methods, results and perspectives. Papers have striven to integrate analyses into broader interpretations of meaning of the origin and evolution of human and technology, transition of culture, origins of agriculture, rise of early state, and paleo-environmental reconstruction and the forth from approaches of archaeological sciences (eg. archaeobotany, zooarchaeology, stable isotope analysis, use-wear and residue analysis, material analysis), ethnoarchaeology and anthropology.

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  1. Archaeobotanical records of the Middle and Late Neolithic plant food utilization from North Jiangsu Plain (2017)
  2. Archaeological survey of mound sites in Southwestern Shandong, China: Plants and people (2017)
  3. Characterization of early imperial lacquerware from the Luozhuang Han tomb, China (2017)
  4. Determination of Use-Wear Evidence on Quartzite Tools: Experimental and Archaeological Studies (2017)
  5. The emergence, development and regional differences of the mixed farming of rice and millet in the upper and middle Huaihe River, China (2017)
  6. A Glimpse of Rice Exploitation at Mojiaoshan Site, Liangzhu Culture: Archaeobotany and Rice Charring Experiment (2017)
  7. An Investigation of Genetic Differentiation in Early Domestication of Oryza Sativa Based on InDel Molecular Marker Method (2017)
  8. Mineralogical make-up of casting moulds and its archaeological implications for bronze making techniques in ancient China (2017)
  9. New archaeological evidence of prehistoric cultural interactions in the middle of Han river valley, central China (2017)
  10. A new variability of cobble-tool industry associated with a bone tool technology from the Luobi Cave, South China (ca.11-10 ka): a comparative perspective from Southeast Asia (2017)
  11. Prehistoric Human Adaptation to Tibetan Plateau Environment indicated by 151 site in the Qinghai Lake Basin (2017)
  12. Subsistence in the Late Pleistocene of China: A view from Laonainaimiao site (2017)
  13. A Thin Section Petrographic Study of Early to Late Shangshan Ceramics from Zhejiang, China (2017)