The Wreck of HMS Erebus from Sir John Franklin’s 1845 Arctic Expedition

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  • All was left in complete order: a first look at the wreck of HMS Erebus (2016)
    DOCUMENT Citation Only Ryan Harris.

    From the outset, remote-sensing data clearly indicated that the wreck of HMS Erebus survived in remarkably sound condition, a fact later borne out by first-hand diver inspection. This owes to the relatively benign physical environment in which the wreck is situated, its rather atypical site formation history, as well as the elaborate measures taken by Master Shipwrights of the Royal Navy Dockyards to fortify Erebus for Arctic Service. This paper will provide an overview, both internally...

  • Finding HMS Erebus: The Role of Terrestrial Archaeological Investigations (2016)
    DOCUMENT Citation Only Douglas R. Stenton. Robert W. Park.

    In 2008, the Government of Nunavut, in collaboration with Parks Canada and other partners, initiated a coordinated and systematic marine – terrestrial strategy in the search for John Franklin’s lost ships HMS Erebus and HMS Terror. This approach yielded new information about key Franklin expedition sites on King William Island and on Adelaide Peninsula, and in September 2014, led to the discovery of HMS Erebus. This paper summarizes the history of land-based archaeological studies of the 1845...

  • HMS Erebus Artifacts: In-Context finds and Future Potential (2016)
    DOCUMENT Citation Only Charles Dagneau.

    The discovery of Sir John Franklin's lost ship HMS Erebus by Parks Canada’s Underwater Archaeology Team and its partners in September 2014 promises long-waited answers to the great mystery of the Franklin expedition. The initial archaeological studies of the site in 2014-2015 clearly demonstrate a great potential for in-context, intact artifact group discoveries. This paper describes the artifacts raised so far and some others yet to be mapped and raised, in an effort to demonstrate the enormous...

  • "Like winning the Stanley Cup": The Discovery of Sir John Franklin's HMS Erebus in the Canadian Arctic (2016)
    DOCUMENT Citation Only Marc-André Bernier.

    In September of 2014, the Prime Minister of Canada announced with great fanfare the discovery of one of the two lost ships of Sir John Franklin’s expedition that left England in 1845. The discovery in the Canadian Arctic of the ship eventually identified as HMS Erebus was the result of the most ambitious survey effort to locate Franklin’s vessels. Started in 2008, the search program, spearheaded by Parks Canada and the Government of Nunavut for underwater and terrestrial archaeology components...

  • "The White North Has Thy Bones": Sir John Franklin's 1845 Expedition and the Loss of HMS Erebus and HMS Terror (2016)
    DOCUMENT Citation Only Jonathan Moore.

    The hunt for Sir John Franklin's lost ships HMS Erebus and HMS Terror is arguably the longest shipwreck search in history. As a story the 1845 Franklin expedition seemingly has it all: two state-of-the-art ships and experienced Royal Navy men vanishing barely without a trace, a life and death struggle for survival in an unforgiving environment, cannibalism, dogged contemporary searches, and fascinating stories from indigenous Inuit who both witnessed the expedition's demise and went aboard and...