Tuzigoot National Monument and Montezuma Castle National Monument, Arizona

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  • Archeological Survey and Architectural Study of Montezuma Castle National Monument (1988)
    DOCUMENT Full-Text Susan J. Wells. Keith M. Anderson.

    Inventory survey of Montezuma Castle National Monument was conducted from April 11 to May 7, 1988. Of the 70 sites recorded, 30 were new additions to the site inventory. Cliff dwellings, rockshelters and pueblos were recorded along with one and two-room masonry structures, roasting pits and artifact scatters. Agricultural feature sites include the canals at Montezuma Well. A site with prehistoric cobble concentrations, a burial ground, a bedrock mortar site, a lithic scatter, a historical site...

  • An Overview and Assessment of Middle Verde Valley Archeology (2008)
    DOCUMENT Full-Text Robert P. Powers. Nancy E. Pearson.

    It has been 30 years since Paul and Suzanne Fish (1977) prepared the first archeological overview and assessment of the Verde Valley. During that time, as the saying goes, “everything has changed, and nothing has changed.” One very significant change is that, as a result of federal legislation requiring archeological survey and evaluation of archeological resources prior to federally financed or sanctioned land modification activities, hundreds of compliance driven archeological surveys and a...

  • Tuzigoot Burials (1992)
    DOCUMENT Full-Text Keith M. Anderson.

    Tuzigoot Pueblo is the type site for the Tuzigoot Phase of the Southern Sinagua Tradition and was occupied from c. A.D. 1140 to c. 1400. This report gives the results of re-analysis of data from burials excavated at Tuzigoot in 1933-1934. The purpose of the study is to abstract the organizing principles of social status, a subject of current archeological interest. This project was conducted within constraints that would be imposed by repatriation of mortuary remains. Nearly all of the 411...

  • The Tuzigoot Survey and Three Small Verde Valley Projects: Archaeological Investigations in the Middle Verde Valley, Arizona (1986)
    DOCUMENT Full-Text Martyn D. Tagg.

    This report presents the results of the TUZI 86A archeological project, whose main objective was the inventory of cultural resources within Tuzigoot National Monument and a proposed land acquisition area adjacent to the monument. It states the results of the survey, presents a summary of previous work in the project area, and discusses the cultural history and natural setting of the region. This is followed by site descriptions, artifact analyses and results, interpretations of the subsistence...