Lake Champlain Underwater Cultural Resources Survey - Volume VIII: 2003 Results and Volume IX: 2004 Results


The introduction of zebra mussels in the early 1990s and the inevitable approaching infestation of quagga mussels (Dreissena polymorpha) seriously threaten Lake Champlain's underwater cultural resources. These non-native aquatic nuisance species endanger the preservation of submerged cultural resources, obscure them, and hinder their documentation and study. In studying this issue, the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum determined that one positive reaction to the situation would be to locate and document Lake Champlain’s previously unknown underwater cultural resources. Once this task is completed, it will then be possible to develop a comprehensive management plan for the sites.

A systematic lake-wide sonar survey to locate submerged resources, which began in 1996, was the first step in this multi-year project. This report on the 2003 and 2004 surveys is the fifth report in a series of volumes presenting the results of the Lake Champlain Underwater Cultural Resources Survey, also known as the Lake Survey.

The 2003 Lake Survey was undertaken in the section of Lake Champlain commonly referred to as the South Lake. Beginning at the Champlain Bridge connecting Shoreham, Vermont and Crown Point, New York, the survey covered the lake south to Whitehall, New York, including South Bay and portions of the Poultney River. Approximately 8mi2(20.72km2) of lake bed were surveyed during the field season and the remains of 46 vessels were identified. Nineteen of these sites were located in Vermont waters, while 27 were found in New York waters. The watercrafts represent a wide range of vessel types and eras, although the majority are standard, unrigged canal boats (n=27). Also represented are French Colonial Era warships (n=3), War of 1812 warships (n=3), unidentified vessels (n=7), railroad drawboats (n=2), scows (n=1), ferries (n=1), steamboats (n=1) and one canal sloop (n=1). Seventeen of the 46 vessels were first discovered during the 2003 Lake Survey, while 29 were previously known sites

The 2004 field season was devoted to continuing the archaeological survey of the Valcour Island Revolutionary War Battlefield and continuing to document sites found in 2003. Additionally, this report includes the NRHP nomination for the Sloop Island Canal Boat and the Multiple Property Registration Document for Lake Champlain canal boats. This volume was developed after extensive background research, fieldwork, and the collection of a wide range of primary and secondary sources. These investigations have been integrated into this comprehensive document, and provide information that can eventually contribute toward the management of Lake Champlain's underwater cultural resources.

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Lake Champlain Underwater Cultural Resources Survey - Volume VIII: 2003 Results and Volume IX: 2004 Results. Adam I. Kane, A. Peter Barranco, Joanne M. DellaSalla, Sarah E. Lyman, Christopher R. Sabick. Vergennes, Vermont: Lake Champlain Maritime Museum. 2007 ( tDAR id: 391001) ; doi:10.6067/XCV8G73GBB

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