The San Rafael de la Zanja Land Grant River Corridor Survey, Volume II: Site Maps

Author(s): A.C. MacWilliams

Year: 2001


The foremost goal of this project was recording all archaeological and paleontological finds in the riparian corridor the Santa Cruz River, on the San Rafael de la Zanja Land Grant. Results of this full-coverage survey are intended to be useful for determining land management in the corridor. Observations about site boundaries, disturbance and potential for in-place buried deposits contribute to meeting these objectives. At the same time, these results are intended to provide information from a valley for which little information about archaeological or paleontological remains is available.

Specific archaeological goals include defining site density in the center of the valley, assessing ages and affiliations of sites, and inferring settlement patterns in the San Rafael Valley. These goals are equally applicable to Precontact, Mexican and American settlement in this valley. Results are intended to provide information for land management decisions of course, but also to bring the valley’s history to light and contribute to a broader regional understanding of the past.

Danson's (1946) survey of the San Rafael Valley left little doubt that there are many sites on both sides of the international border. In fact, there proved to be considerably more sites than his work, or Ruble’s (1999) suggested would be the case. The redundancy provided by this outcome is valuable for more reasons than providing overall accuracy. With over 100 sites to refer, to site distribution and density provide a clearer picture of settlement across time. Inferred relationships between site activities, resource selection, and site location are commensurately more reliable as site sample size increases.

An integral objective of this project was providing field training to University of Arizona anthropology undergraduate students. These students were under the full-time supervision of three experienced archaeologists, and on several occasions, also in the company of volunteers having considerable field experience.

The crew also included two experienced archaeologists from INAH (Instituto Nacional de Anthropolgia e Historia) in Hermosillo. In conjunction with this survey, we surveyed several km² on the Sonoran side of the San Rafael Valley under the auspices and funding of INAH Sonora. Results of work in Sonora are not formally incorporated into this report, but their influence, and the demonstrated value of bi-national research are undeniable.

Volume II of the report includes site maps for sites encountered during the survey.

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Archaic Historic Hohokam

Site Name
AZ EE:10:057 (ASM) AZ EE:10:058 (ASM) AZ EE:10:060 (ASM) AZ EE:10:061 (ASM) AZ EE:10:062 (ASM) AZ EE:10:063 (ASM) AZ EE:10:064 (ASM) AZ EE:10:065 (ASM) AZ EE:10:066 (ASM) AZ EE:10:067 (ASM) AZ EE:10:068 (ASM) AZ EE:10:069 (ASM) AZ EE:10:070 (ASM) AZ EE:10:071 (ASM) AZ EE:10:072 (ASM) AZ EE:10:073 (ASM) AZ EE:10:074 (ASM) AZ EE:10:075 (ASM) AZ EE:10:076 (ASM) AZ EE:10:077 (ASM) AZ EE:10:078 (ASM) AZ EE:10:079 (ASM) AZ EE:10:080 (ASM) AZ EE:10:081 (ASM) AZ EE:10:082 (ASM) AZ EE:10:083 (ASM) AZ EE:10:084 (ASM) AZ EE:10:085 (ASM) AZ EE:10:086 (ASM) AZ EE:10:087 (ASM) AZ EE:10:088 (ASM) AZ EE:10:089 (ASM) AZ EE:10:090 (ASM) AZ EE:10:091 (ASM) AZ EE:10:092 (ASM) AZ EE:10:093 (ASM) AZ EE:10:094 (ASM) AZ EE:10:095 (ASM) AZ EE:10:096 (ASM) AZ EE:10:097 (ASM) AZ EE:10:098 (ASM) AZ EE:10:099 (ASM) AZ EE:10:100 (ASM) AZ EE:10:101 (ASM) AZ EE:10:102 (ASM) AZ EE:10:103 (ASM) AZ EE:10:104 (ASM) AZ EE:10:105 (ASM) AZ EE:10:106 (ASM) AZ EE:10:107 (ASM) AZ EE:10:108 (ASM) AZ EE:10:109 (ASM) AZ EE:10:110 (ASM) AZ EE:10:111 (ASM) AZ EE:10:112 (ASM) AZ EE:10:113 (ASM) AZ EE:10:114 (ASM) AZ EE:10:115 (ASM) AZ EE:10:116 (ASM) AZ EE:10:117 (ASM) AZ EE:10:118 (ASM) AZ EE:10:119 (ASM) AZ EE:10:12 (ASM) AZ EE:10:120 (ASM) AZ EE:10:121 (ASM) AZ EE:10:122 (ASM) AZ EE:10:123 (ASM) AZ EE:10:124 (ASM) AZ EE:10:125 (ASM) AZ EE:10:126 (ASM) AZ EE:10:127 (ASM) AZ EE:10:128 (ASM) AZ EE:10:129 (ASM) AZ EE:10:13 (ASM) AZ EE:10:130 (ASM) AZ EE:10:131 (ASM) AZ EE:10:132 (ASM) AZ EE:10:133 (ASM) AZ EE:10:134 (ASM) AZ EE:10:135 (ASM) AZ EE:10:136 (ASM) AZ EE:10:137 (ASM) AZ EE:10:138 (ASM) AZ EE:10:139 (ASM) AZ EE:10:14 (ASM) AZ EE:10:140 (ASM) AZ EE:10:141 (ASM) AZ EE:10:142 (ASM) AZ EE:10:143 (ASM) AZ EE:10:144 (ASM) AZ EE:10:145 (ASM) AZ EE:10:146 (ASM) AZ EE:10:147 (ASM) AZ EE:10:148 (ASM) AZ EE:10:149 (ASM) AZ EE:10:150 (ASM) AZ EE:10:151 (ASM) AZ EE:10:152 (ASM) AZ EE:10:153 (ASM) AZ EE:10:154 (ASM) AZ EE:10:155 (ASM) AZ EE:10:156 (ASM) AZ EE:10:157 (ASM) AZ EE:10:158 (ASM) AZ EE:10:159 (ASM) AZ EE:10:160 (ASM) AZ EE:10:161 (ASM) AZ EE:10:162 (ASM) AZ EE:10:163 (ASM) AZ EE:10:164 (ASM) AZ EE:10:165 (ASM) AZ EE:10:166 (ASM) AZ EE:10:167 (ASM) AZ EE:10:168 (ASM) AZ EE:10:169 (ASM) AZ EE:10:170 (ASM) AZ EE:10:171 (ASM) AZ EE:10:43 (ASM) AZ EE:10:44 (ASM) AZ EE:10:46 (ASM) AZ EE:10:47 (ASM) AZ EE:10:48 (ASM) AZ EE:10:54 (ASM) AZ EE:10:55 (ASM) AZ EE:10:56 (ASM) AZ EE:10:6 (ASM) Show More

Investigation Types
Archaeological Overview Reconnaissance / Survey Systematic Survey

Spatial Coverage

min long: -110.612; min lat: 31.333 ; max long: -110.578; max lat: 31.367 ;

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Contact(s): Arizona State Parks

Contributor(s): University of Arizona Department of Anthropology; Instituto Nacional de Anthropolgia e Historia

Principal Investigator(s): Paul Fish

Submitted To(s): Arizona State Parks

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