Artifact Photographs and Drawings, Goose Creek Survey, Naval Air Station Patuxent River


This resource contains photographs of a tobacco pipe and drawings of a brass button and stone projectile points found during the Phase I excavations at Goose Creek, Maryland.

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Artifact Photographs and Drawings, Goose Creek Survey, Naval Air Station Patuxent River. 2000. Maryland Archaeological Conservation Laboratory ( tDAR id: 393151) ; doi:10.6067/XCV8DZ0990

Spatial Coverage

min long: -76.403; min lat: 38.282 ; max long: -76.369; max lat: 38.306 ;

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MAC Lab Lot Number(s): 18ST742/14; 18STX48/281; 18STX48/70; 18STX48/257; 18STX48/407; 18STX48/73; 18STX48/239; 18STX48/455; 18ST724/9; 18STX48/79; 18STX48/44; 18STX48/42; 18STX48/101; 18STX48/429; 18STX48/46; 18STX48/251; 18ST492/38; 18ST727/32; 18ST492/35; 18STX48/278; 18ST725/29; 18ST725/67; 18ST741/19; 18STX48/291; 18STX48/410; 18STX48/31; 18ST493/23; 18STX48/497; 18ST726/15; 18STX48/460; 18STX48/151; 18STX48/502; 18ST726/1; 18STX48/205; 18STX48/190; 18ST723/14; 18STX48/486; 18ST725/35; 18STX48/477; 18STX48/445; 18ST741/11; 18STX48/248; 18STX48/496; 18STX48/6; 18STX48/167; 18STX48/199; 18STX48/292; 18ST725/14; 18ST727/36; 18ST493/37; 18ST493/45; 18STX48/18; 18STX48/448; 18ST741/1; 18ST725/86; 18ST742/1; 18ST493/38; 18ST725/58; 18STX48/295; 18ST725/95; 18ST492/11; 18ST724/24; 18STX48/434; 18ST727/4; 18ST723/2; 18ST724/3; 18STX48/81; 18ST727/33; 18ST726/6; 18ST492/16; 18ST723/17; 18ST725/71; 18ST725/79; 18STX48/155; 18ST492/3; 18STX48/12; 18STX48/428; 18ST742/15; 18STX48/75; 18STX48/78; 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18STX48/234; 18STX48/38; 18STX48/135; 18ST493/13; 18ST492/14; 18STX48/59; 18ST725/66; 18STX48/253; 18STX48/144; 18STX48/453; 18STX48/286; 18STX48/222; 18STX48/93; 18STX48/208; 18STX48/105; 18STX48/61; 18STX48/483; 18ST725/21; 18STX48/175; 18ST493/5; 18ST493/14; 18ST725/74; 18ST742/10; 18STX48/19; 18ST727/10; 18ST742/12; 18STX48/114; 18STX48/264; 18ST493/21; 18STX48/249; 18ST724/20; 18STX48/71; 18ST727/19; 18STX48/433; 18ST725/3; 18ST742/9; 18STX48/404; 18STX48/425; 18STX48/152; 18ST727/21; 18STX48/22; 18ST727/28; 18ST742/21; 18ST722/4; 18ST727/40; 18ST493/43; 18STX48/446; 18STX48/51; 18ST727/14; 18STX48/181; 18ST492/19; 18ST725/34; 18STX48/481; 18ST725/20; 18STX48/228; 18STX48/149; 18ST493/32; 18STX48/150; 18ST725/64; 18ST742/11; 18STX48/491; 18ST492/32; 18ST725/10; 18ST725/27; 18STX48/183; 18STX48/417; 18ST741/3; 18STX48/474; 18STX48/97; 18ST727/9; 18ST725/75; 18STX48/213; 18ST741/24; 18ST723/11; 18ST725/48; 18STX48/449; 18STX48/405; 18STX48/168; 18ST492/18; 18STX48/440; 18STX48/451; 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18ST723/12; 18ST723/1; 18ST492/20; 18STX48/66; 18ST725/89; 18ST745/5; 18ST727/7; 18STX48/83; 18STX48/217; 18ST725/50; 18STX48/277; 18STX48/427; 18ST492/43; 18STX48/89; 18ST725/87; 18ST492/24; 18STX48/16; 18ST725/23; 18STX48/64; 18ST725/12; 18STX48/409; 18ST724/23; 18ST492/13; 18ST492/6; 18STX48/171; 18ST725/28; 18ST493/3; 18ST745/2; 18STX48/115; 18ST725/70; 18STX48/414; 18ST493/46; 18STX48/432; 18ST723/16; 18STX48/464; 18STX48/161; 18ST725/83; 18ST741/9; 18ST741/7; 18ST743/2; 18ST493/33; 18STX48/194; 18STX48/221; 18ST727/30; 18ST745/6; 18STX48/256; 18ST493/29; 18ST492/39; 18ST727/31; 18STX48/11; 18ST493/17; 18STX48/136; 18ST724/10; 18ST743/1; 18ST725/60; 18ST493/16; 18STX48/69; 18ST727/25; 18ST725/54; 18ST725/44; 18ST725/65; 18ST723/3; 18STX48/468; 18ST726/11; 18STX48/466; 18STX48/420; 18STX48/214; 18ST742/13; 18STX48/236; 18STX48/296; 18STX48/192; 18STX48/300; 18STX48/269; 18STX48/178; 18ST726/3; 18STX48/63; 18ST723/15; 18ST723/8; 18ST725/25; 18ST723/7; 18STX48/23; 18ST725/39; 18ST724/12; 18ST725/4; 18STX48/288; 18STX48/482; 18ST741/20; 18STX48/476; 18STX48/7; 18STX48/229; 18STX48/139; 18STX48/143; 18ST742/17; 18ST492/36; 18STX48/271; 18STX48/246; 18STX48/91; 18ST724/25; 18ST725/17; 18ST723/5; 18ST493/15; 18ST742/22; 18ST741/10; 18STX48/9; 18STX48/289; 18STX48/485; 18STX48/472; 18STX48/106; 18ST492/37; 18STX48/422; 18STX48/56; 18STX48/492; 18ST492/33; 18STX48/102; 18STX48/112; 18STX48/2; 18ST744/7; 18STX48/402; 18ST741/22; 18STX48/301 18STX48/302 18STX48/303 18STX48/304 18STX48/305 18STX48/306 18STX48/307 18STX48/308 18STX48/309 18STX48/310 18STX48/311 18STX48/312 18STX48/313 18STX48/314 18STX48/315 18STX48/316 18STX48/317 18STX48/318 18STX48/319 18STX48/320 18STX48/321 18STX48/322 18STX48/323 18STX48/324 18STX48/326 18STX48/327 18STX48/328 18STX48/329 18STX48/330 18STX48/331 18STX48/332 18STX48/334 18STX48/335 18STX48/336 18STX48/337 18STX48/338 18STX48/339 18STX48/340 18STX48/341 18STX48/342 18STX48/343 18STX48/344 18STX48/345 18STX48/346 18STX48/347 18STX48/348 18STX48/349 18STX48/350 18STX48/351 18STX48/352 18STX48/353 18STX48/354 18STX48/355 18STX48/356 18STX48/357 18STX48/358 18STX48/359 18STX48/360 18STX48/361 18STX48/362 18STX48/363 18STX48/364 18STX48/365 18STX48/366 18STX48/367 18STX48/368 18STX48/369 18STX48/370 18STX48/371 18STX48/372 18STX48/373 18STX48/374 18STX48/375 18STX48/376 18STX48/377 18STX48/378 18STX48/379 18STX48/380 18STX48/381 18STX48/383 18STX48/384 18STX48/385 18STX48/386 18STX48/387 18STX48/388 18STX48/389 18STX48/390 18STX48/391 18STX48/392 18STX48/393 18STX48/394 18STX48/395 18STX48/396 18STX48/397 18STX48/398 18STX48/399 18STX48/400; 18STX48/13; 18ST493/31; 18ST492/30; 18STX48/52; 18STX48/415; 18ST725/73; 18STX48/470; 18ST725/5; 18STX48/32; 18ST741/4; 18STX48/263; 18ST493/18; 18ST725/69; 18ST742/24; 18STX48/47; 18STX48/401; 18STX48/219; 18STX48/86; 18STX48/261; 18STX48/90; 18STX48/458; 18ST727/26; 18STX48/113; 18ST725/49; 18STX48/154; 18STX48/55; 18ST492/4; 18ST493/20; 18STX48/15; 18STX48/104; 18ST725/55; 18ST742/3; 18STX48/80; 18STX48/210

MAC Lab Accession Number(s): 2000.007


General Note: The following physical records are held at MAC Lab: Field Notes, Lab Notes, Maps,Oversized Maps, Artifact Catalog, Report, Kodachrome Slides, Photologs, List of Documentation, acid-free copy of all paper records stored in the secondary records storage room

General Note: Date Collected:APRIL 1999- FEBRUARY 2000

File Information

  Name Size Creation Date Date Uploaded Access
18st727-0017-tribitpipe-sketch.jpg 17.58kb Jun 25, 2014 11:32:38 AM Confidential
18ST727, Drawing of a Tobacco Pipe Stem with Triangular Mouth Bit, Naval Air Station Patuxent River, St. Mary's County, Maryland
18ST727-0017-tribitpipe4.JPG 149.78kb Jun 25, 2014 11:32:38 AM Confidential
18ST727, Photograph of a Tobacco Pipe Stem with Triangular Mouth Bit, Naval Air Station Patuxent River, St. Mary's County, Maryland
18ST727-0017-tribitpipe5-wscale.JPG 91.71kb Jun 25, 2014 11:32:38 AM Confidential
18ST727, Scale of Tobacco Pipe Stem with Triangular Mouth Bit, Naval Air Station Patuxent River, St. Mary's County, Maryland
18ST727-0017-tribitpipe8-mouthclose.JPG 85.80kb Jun 25, 2014 11:32:38 AM Confidential
18ST727, Close-up of Triangular Mouth Bit on Tobacco Pipe Stem, Naval Air Station Patuxent River, St. Mary's County, Maryland
18ST727-0017-tribitpipe18-wscale.JPG 82.69kb Jun 25, 2014 11:32:38 AM Confidential
18ST727, Reverse Side Scale of Tobacco Pipe Stem with Triangular Mouth Bit, Naval Air Station Patuxent River, St. Mary's County, Maryland
18ST727-0017-tribitpipeclose.JPG 136.28kb Jun 25, 2014 11:32:38 AM Confidential
18ST727, Close-up of Decoration on Tobacco Pipe Stem, Naval Air Station Patuxent River, St. Mary's County, Maryland
button.jpg 22.58kb Jun 25, 2014 11:32:38 AM Confidential
18ST725, Drawing of a French Brass Button, Naval Air Station Patuxent River, St. Mary's County, Maryland
ppk1.jpg 35.67kb Jun 25, 2014 11:32:38 AM Confidential
Area E, Late Woodland Madison Point Made of Rhyolite, Naval Air Station Patuxent River, St. Mary's County, Maryland

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