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The reports and records in this collection describe the rock art now interpreted at the The Deer Valley Rock Art Center (DVRAC) and the archaeological investigations that led to DVRAC’s founding in 1994. Paper copies of the reports and other archives, as well as its research library, are now housed at the Center for Archaeology and Society Repository at Arizona State University. In an effort to both preserve these documents and make them more accessible to rock art researchers, a portion of these records are now available on tDAR.

Currently, the majority of the DVRAC collection consists of survey and excavation reports related to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' Adobe Dam Project and New River Dam Project. These include a total of four technical reports on the Adobe Dam site, the Hedgpeth Hills site, and the New River Archaeological Survey, as well as two non-technical reports on the Adobe Dam site and the Hedgpeth Hills site. Additionally, there are numerous journal articles relating to rock art research and several thousand photographs of rock art panels from the Hedgpeth Hills site and other regional rock art sites.

In 2014, the Deer Valley Rock Art Center was renamed as the Deer Valley Petroglyph Preserve and incorporated in the the ASU Center for Archaeology & Society.

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Hedgpeth Hills Rock Art Recording and Investigations
  • Hedgpeth Hills Rock Art Recording and Investigations
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    This project contains documents relating to the rock art recording and investigations that were conducted by J. Simon Bruder during the early 1980s. The documents associated with this project include a synthesis report of fieldwork, field maps of the Hedgpeth Hills, and locality record sheets for each rock art panel.

  • Archaeological Investigations at the Hedgpeth Hills Petroglyph Site (1983)
    DOCUMENT Full-Text J. Simon Bruder.

    This report presents the results of mitigation activities at the 99,000 square meter Hedgpeth Hills petroglyph and ground stone manufacturing site which is located in the Deer Valley area, northwest Phoenix, Arizona. Material from 13 smaller rock art sites from the northern Hohokam periphery is incorporated into the analysis in order to provide a regional perspective. The major goals of the project were to inventory and record rock art at the Hedgpeth site and to undertake preliminary analysis...

  • Hedgpeth Hills: Locality I Record Sheets (1980)
    DOCUMENT Full-Text J. Simon Bruder. Bob Gasser. Scott Thybony. Michelle Camden. Barrie Burnham. Rich Macias. Anthony Farqué. Wanda Albert. Debra Foldi. Sandra Spencer.

    Record sheets and scale drawings for each rock art panel within locality I of the Hedgpeth Hills Petroglyph Site. Rock art surveys at the Hedgpeth Hills occurred between 1979 and 1980 under the direction of J. Simon Bruder. Each record sheet contains a rock art description, provenience information, and a drawing.

  • Hedpeth Hills: Site Locality Maps (1983)
    DOCUMENT Full-Text J. Simon Bruder.

    Site maps of rock art localities not included in "Archaeological Investigations at the Hedgpeth Hills Petroglyph Site" by J. Simon Bruder. These site maps include localities I-VIII.

Individual Resources
  • Archaeological Investigations in the Adobe Dam Project Area (1983)
    DOCUMENT Full-Text J. Simon Bruder.

    The Adobe 4 archaeological mitigation program was carried out at the site of a flood control dam to be constructed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers on Skunk Creek in north Phoenix, Arizona. The project area, which covers approximately 750 h, is situated 30 km north of the Salt River. Thus, it is located within the northern Hohokam periphery. This study presents information concerning prehistoric land use in the study area during the Colonial and Sedentary periods. The primary goal of the...

  • An Archaeological Survey in the Gila River Basin, New River and Phoenix City Streams, Arizona Project Area (1976)
    DOCUMENT Full-Text Alfred E. Dittert, Jr.. Patricia E. Brown. Donald E. Dove. Polly W. Good. James B. Rodgers. Raymond Treat. Donald E. Weaver, Jr..

    Present archaeological investigations in the district to the north, northwest, and west of Phoenix, Arizona, are a part of the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers planning studies for flood control developments on Cave Creek, Skunk Creek, New River, and Agua Fria River. A specific goal set forth is an inventory of archaeological resources within the proposed project as defined in the scope of work dated 27 June 1973. Once identified, an assessment of the importance of the remains to an interpretation...

  • Synthesis Report for Archaeological Testing at the New River Authorized Dam Site, Maricopa County, Arizona, Phase II (1982)
    DOCUMENT Full-Text Richard Ciolek-Torello. J. Simon Bruder. Robert E. Gasser. Jannifer W. Gish. Cheryl Taylor. Donald E. Weaver.

    This report presents the results of additional archaeological testing at the New River Authorized Dam Site. This site, the location of a proposed flood control dam to be constructed by the United States Army Corps of Engineers, is situated along the New River about 27 km north of its confluence with the Agua Fria and 32 km northwest of downtown Phoenix. In an earlier testing program 22 prehistoric and historic sites were investigated in the upstream portion of the project area. The present work...