Fort Verde State Historic Park Reports and Documentation

Part of: Arizona State Parks Reports and Documentation

This collection contains reports pertinent to Fort Verde State Historic Park. Document types may include site stabilization reports, site evaluation or survey reports, expert consultations, ground disturbance monitoring, excavation reports, architectural documentation or survey, heritage management plans and evaluations, historic background research, and inventory and records searches.

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  • Architectural Assessment: Fort Verde State Historic Park (1992)
    DOCUMENT Full-Text Robert Munson. Nora Graf. Jeff Moore. Terri Leverton.

    Fort Verde State Historic Park provides a vivid glimpse into post Civil War garrison life on the frontier. Though only four of the Fort buildings remain, staff have achieved a forceful interpretation of the history of the Fort, and, more importantly, a clear and present sense of the soldiers who served a portion of their lives there. The Park is unusual amongst historic site museums in the degree to which aggressive research and documentation is woven through exhibits. The results of this...