Cibola Plant Remains

Part of: Cibola Prehistory Project (Collection)

The Cibola Plant Remains collection consists of archaeological plant materials analyzed for 19 projects that were recovered from numerous excavations of Pueblo II-Pueblo IV period (AD 900-1400) settlements across the greater Cibola region. These data were collected from published and unpublished reports and manuscripts of macrobotanical analyses of flotation samples recovered during excavations. For information about individual projects see the Cibola Plant Remains References document. In addition to site and provenience data, all available information about soil sample volumes and details concerning the sampled contexts are provided (i.e., hearth, room fill, room floor etc.) for each sample in this database. Comparable botanical data from the Cibola Archaeological Project CARP and the ASU affiliated excavation projects (EMVPP, OBAP, RCAP, and ULCPP) are housed under those projects and collections. For some settlements, macrofossil data and to a limited extent cultigen pollen is provided for certain sampled contexts. Wood charcoal taxa identifications and counts are also included for some projects.

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  • Cibola Plant Remains Coding Sheet (2017)
    DOCUMENT Full-Text Sarah Oas.

    Coding sheet for macrobotanical database associated with the Cibola Plant Remains collection.

  • Cibola Plant Remains Macrobotanical Database (2017)
    DATASET Sarah Oas.

    The Cibola Plant Remains macrobotanical database consists of macrobotanical data gathered from reports of analyzed flotation and macrofossil samples from 19 excavation projects of settlements spanning the Pueblo II-IV periods (AD 900-1400) across the greater Cibola region.

  • Cibola Plant Remains Reference Sheet (2017)
    DOCUMENT Full-Text Sarah Oas.

    Sheet with bibliographic information for the 19 archaeological projects referenced in the Cibola Plant Remains macrobotanical database.