The Historical Archaeology of Dam Construction Camps in Central Arizona, Volume 1: Synthesis


In June 1986, the Bureau of Reclamation awarded Dames & Moore a contract for historical archaeological studies as part of the mitigation program for the Central Arizona Project's Regulatory Storage Division, designated as Plan 6. This study focused on reconstructing the social history of the workers and their families who lived in several temporary dam construction camps dating from the 1890s through the 1940s. This document, the first in a series of three volumes that constitute the final technical report, synthesizes the results of the study. Chapter 1 describes the research context, themes, and methods. The second chapter discusses the archaeological record encountered at the various dam locales, and provides a reconstruction of the nature of the dam construction camps. Chapter 3 elaborates on the social history of the camps, by discussing the demography, the nature of the work, and daily life in the temporary construction communities. The fourth chapter combines various lines of archaeological and historical evidence to discuss the role of Apache laborers in historic dam construction in central Arizona, particularly at Roosevelt. The final chapter summarizes the major conclusions of the research, highlighting a dozen identified patterns and trends that characterize a half century of temporary dam construction communities in central Arizona.

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The Historical Archaeology of Dam Construction Camps in Central Arizona, Volume 1: Synthesis. A. E. Rogge, Melissa Keane, D. Lorne McWatters. Dames & Moore Intermountain Cultural Resource Services Research Paper No. 10. Phoenix, Arizona: Dames & Moore. 1994 ( tDAR id: 378301) ; doi:10.6067/XCV8WW7JJM

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Avis Homestead AZ T:3:1:b(ARS) AZ T:3:11(ARS) AZ T:3:12(ARS) AZ T:3:1a(ARS) AZ T:3:39(ASM) AZ T:3:4(ARS) AZ T:3:40(ASM) AZ T:3:49(ASU) AZ T:3:54(ASM) AZ T:3:55(ASM) AZ T:3:56(ASM) AZ T:3:57(ASM) AZ T:3:58(ASM) AZ T:3:59(ASM) AZ T:3:6(ARS) AZ T:3:8(ARS) AZ T:3:9(ARS) AZ T:4:54(ASM) AZ T:4:55(ASM) AZ T:4:56(ASM) AZ T:4:57(ASM) AZ T:4:58(ASM) AZ T:4:59(ASM) AZ U:2:140(ASU) AZ U:2:300(ASU) AZ U:2:39(ASM) AZ U:2:40(ASM) AZ U:2:41(ASM) AZ U:2:42(ASM) AZ U:2:8(ARS) AZ U:4:1(ARS) AZ U:4:26(ASM) AZ U:6:194(ASM) AZ U:6:195(ASM) AZ U:6:26(ASM) AZ U:6:51(ARS) AZ U:6:53(ARS) AZ U:7:4(ASM) AZ U:7:5(ASM) AZ U:8:133(ASU) AZ U:8:139(ASM) AZ U:8:140(ASM) AZ U:8:141(ASM) AZ U:8:142(ASM) AZ U:8:143(ASM) AZ U:8:144(ASM) AZ U:8:145(ASM) AZ U:8:146(ASM) AZ U:8:147(ASM) AZ U:8:148(ASM) AZ U:8:157(ASM) AZ U:8:158(AM) AZ U:8:159(ASM) AZ U:8:160(ASM) AZ U:8:161(ASM) AZ U:8:162(ASM) AZ U:8:163(ASM) AZ U:8:164(ASM) AZ U:8:165(ASM) AZ U:8:166(ASM) AZ U:8:167(ASM) AZ U:8:168(ASM) AZ U:8:169(ASM) AZ U:8:170(ASM) AZ U:8:171(ASM) AZ U:8:172(ASM) AZ U:8:173(ASM) AZ U:8:174(ASM) AZ U:8:2(ARS) AZU:8:21(ASU) AZ U:8:3(ARS) AZ U:8:36(ASU) AZ U:8:4(ARS) AZ U:8:5(ARS) AZ U:8:51(ASU) AZ U:8:52(ARS) AZ U:8:53(ASU) AZ U:8:6(ARS) AZ U:8:60(ASM) AZ U:8:63(ASU) AZ U:8:64(ASU) AZ U:8:65(ASU) AZ U:8:7(ARS) AZ U:8:70(ASU) AZ U:8:77(ASM) AZ U:8:8(ARS) AZ U:8:85(ASU) AZ U:8:87(ASU) AZ U:8:9(ARS) AZ V:5:1(ASU) AZ V:5:117(ASU) AZ V:5:118(ASU) AZ V:5:83(ASM) AZ V:5:84(ASM) AZ V:5:85(ASM) AZ V:5:86(ASM) Bartlett Lower Construction Camp Bartlett Upper Construction Camp Beardsley Canal Brown Homestead Bullpen Cableway Camp Dyer Camp Pleasant Cement Mill Cement Mill Camp Clay Quarry Clay Quarry Camp Construction Camp and Dude Ranch Trash Corral Camp Cottonwood Creek Camp Cottonwood Creek Foundation Cottonwood Ditch Rider's House Dam Tender's Residence/Construction Camp Dam Tender's Trash Deadman Canyon Trash Decker Homestead Diversion Dam Camp East Annex Globe High Road Government Hill Grapevine Construction Camp Grapevine Residences High Road Camp Horse Mesa Construction Camp Horseshoe Construction Camp Humbug Creek Hydraulic Mining Complex Jail Joe Roderick Complex LC 1176 LC 1229 LC 1230 LC 1253 LC 1255 LC 14 LC 18 LC 2 LC 22 LC 24 LC 27 LC 28 LC 29 LC 296 LC 428 LC 58 LC 618 LC 746 LC 825 LC 827 LC 829 LC 832 LC 835 LC 837 LC 839 LC 842 LC 855 LC 873 LC 892 LC 894 LC 895 LC 909 LC 916 LC 919 LC 921 LC 929 LC 944 LC 946 LC 996 Lee-Cooper Ranch Lime Kiln Lopez Homestead Mormon Flat Construction Camp Newtown Newtown Camp Newtown Trash Old State Route 188 Phoenix-Prescott Road Powderhouse & Water Tank Power Canal Rock Creek Trash Roosevelt Cemetery Sand Box Residence Sand Plant Solo Spring Ranch Stewart Mountain Construction Camp Tonto Creek Road Two Shoe Ranch Unnamed Section 26 Habitation Vineyard Canyon Trash West Annex West Boulder Creek Complex Windy Hill Trash Wood Homestead Show More

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Domestic Structure or Architectural Complex Resource Extraction / Production / Transportation Structure or Features

Temporal Coverage

Calendar Date: 1890 to 1940

Spatial Coverage

min long: -112.687; min lat: 32.663 ; max long: -110.962; max lat: 34.565 ;

Individual & Institutional Roles

Contact(s): Bureau of Reclamation, Phoenix Area Office

Field Director(s): Everett Bassett

Principal Investigator(s): Cindy L. Myers; A. E. Rogge

Sponsor(s): USDI Bureau of Reclamation, Phoenix Area Office

Permitting Agency(s): USDI Bureau of Reclamation, Phoenix Area Office

Prepared By(s): Dames & Moore

Submitted To(s): USDI Bureau of Reclamation, Phoenix Area Office

Record Identifiers

Bureau of Reclamation Contract No.(s): 6-CS-30-04360

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