The Archaeology of Schoolhouse Point Mesa, Roosevelt Platform Mound Study: Report on the Schoolhouse Point Mesa Sites, Schoolhouse Management Group, Pinto Creek Complex

Part of the Roosevelt Platform Mound Study: Pinto Creek Complex, Schoolhouse Mesa Sites (DRAFT) project

Author(s): Owen Lindauer

Year: 1997


This report describes the archaeological investigations and results for studies of sites on Schoolhouse Point Mesa, a large geographic unit naturally bounded by the Salt River on its northern end and by major washes on its eastern and western sides (see Figure 1.1). Although people living on the mesa may have interacted with people living on the other side of major washes or rivers, the ease of interaction among people living on the mesa would have made them relatively more interdependent.

The concentration of sites on the northern end of the mesa, each within easy walking distance of the others, is evidence of the likely interaction among the inhabitants of those sites. This volume focuses on Schoolhouse Point Mesa, these sites were part of an extensive settlement on the southern bank of the Salt River. A portion of this area that includes large sites (such as platform mounds) and smaller sites (such as compounds and field houses) was a part of the Roosevelt Platform Mound Study (RPMS) called the Pinto Creek Complex (see Figure 1.2).

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The Archaeology of Schoolhouse Point Mesa, Roosevelt Platform Mound Study: Report on the Schoolhouse Point Mesa Sites, Schoolhouse Management Group, Pinto Creek Complex. Owen Lindauer. Roosevelt Monograph Series ,8. Tempe, Arizona: Department of Anthropology, Arizona State University. 1997 ( tDAR id: 394293) ; doi:10.6067/XCV8RB76K5


Hohokam Salado

Building Materials Ceramic Chipped Stone Dating Sample Fauna Ground Stone Human Remains Macrobotanical Pollen Shell

Site Name
AR-03-12-06-11(USFS) AR-03-12-06-12(USFS) AR-03-12-06-13b(USFS) AR-03-12-06-13c(USFS) AR-03-12-06-13d(USFS) AR-03-12-06-13e(USFS) AR-03-12-06-13f(USFS) AR-03-12-06-13g(USFS) AR-03-12-06-1443(USFS) AR-03-12-06-1447(USFS) AR-03-12-06-1453(USFS) AR-03-12-06-1454(USFS) AR-03-12-06-1470(USFS) AR-03-12-06-14a(USFS) AR-03-12-06-14b(USFS) AR-03-12-06-14c(USFS) AR-03-12-06-14d(USFS) AR-03-12-06-1608(USFS) AR-03-12-06-2155(USFS) AR-03-12-06-922(USFS) AR-03-12-06-924(USFS) AR-03-12-06-925(USFS) AR-03-12-06-967(USFS) AZ U:8:105(ASU) AZ U:8:106(ASU) AZ U:8:116(ASU) AZ U:8:117(ASU) AZ U:8:119(ASU) AZ U:8:122(ASU) AZ U:8:152(ASM) AZ U:8:153(ASM) AZ U:8:159(ASM) AZ U:8:194(ASU) AZ U:8:195(ASU) AZ U:8:196(ASU) AZ U:8:197(ASU) AZ U:8:200(ASU) AZ U:8:215(ASU) AZ U:8:25(ASM) AZ U:8:266(ASU) AZ U:8:276(ASU) AZ U:8:291(ASM) AZ U:8:303(ASM) AZ U:8:304(ASM) AZ U:8:318(ASM) AZ U:8:384(ASM) AZ U:8:385(ASM) AZ U:8:388(ASM) AZ U:8:450(ASM) AZ U:8:451(ASM) AZ U:8:452(ASM) AZ U:8:453(ASM) AZ U:8:454(ASM) AZ U:8:455(ASM) AZ U:8:456(ASM) AZ U:8:457(ASM) AZ U:8:458(ASM) AZ U:8:577(ASM) AZ U:8:77(ASU) AZ U:8:78(ASU) AZ U:8:79(ASU) AZ U:8:96(ASU) AZ U:8:98(ASU) AZ U:8:99(ASU) AZ V:5:126(ASU) AZ V:5:127(ASU) AZ V:5:137(ASM) AZ V:5:138(ASM) Show More

Site Type
Artifact Scatter Cemetery Domestic Structure or Architectural Complex Funerary and Burial Structures or Features House Midden Pit House / Earth Lodge Plaza Post Hole / Post Mold Refuse Pit Roasting Pit / Oven / Horno Rock Alignment Settlements

Temporal Coverage

Calendar Date: 900 to 1450

Spatial Coverage

min long: -111.012; min lat: 33.635 ; max long: -110.991; max lat: 33.662 ;

Record Identifiers

Anthropological Field Studies(s): 37

Bureau of Reclamation Contract No.(s): 9-CS-32-06230

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