Settlement History Along SR 88/188 From the Globe Highlands to Tonto National Monument, Arizona

Editor(s): Teresa L. Pinter; Robert J. Stokes

Year: 2009


Between April 1998 and April 2005, Archaeological Consulting Services, Ltd. (ACS) conducted investigations of prehistoric and historic sites along State Route 188 (SR 188; formerly SR 88) from the junction of US 60 to Wheatfields, and from Hicks Wash to Tonto National Monument (TNM) in Gila County. These excavations were carried out under contract to the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) as part of the agency’s reconstruction and realignment of SR 88/188 between the US 60 junction near Globe-Miami and TNM near Roosevelt Lake. Fieldwork was conducted on the Tonto National Forest (Forest) under Forest special-use permits (Authorization Nos. 2034-22, -25, and -26; GLO23, 25, 89, and 90; and TON212) issued by the Forest under authority of the Archaeological Resources Protection Act of 1979 and the Antiquities Act of 1906. Additional fieldwork was conducted on TNM property under a permit (No. IMR-SW-00-1) issued by the National Park Service, under the authority of the Archaeological Resources Protection Act. Fieldwork within the existing ADOT right-of- way was conducted under permits (Nos. 77295, 77524M, 77697M, and 77937M) issued by the ADOT-Globe District Office. In addition, a Forest fire-closure permit was issued to ACS during the summer of 2002. Fieldwork on private land in the US 60 to Wheatfields section was undertaken with permission from BHP Copper (letter dated March 24, 2005) and Phelps Dodge Miami. All fieldwork was performed in accordance with the project’s research design and the site-specific work plans.

This final project report is divided into two parts. Part One contains introductory and background materials, the project research design, field and analytic methods, chronometry and the site descriptions (primarily prehistoric) for the US 60 to Wheatfields, Hicks Wash, Resort Road to Devore Wash, and TNM to Resort Road sections. Part Two presents the historic linear and mining-related site descriptions, as well as analytical summaries and a synthesis and conclusions for the historic and prehistoric resources. The latter highlights the contributions of the project results from local and regional perspectives. The 3rd and last document contains Appendices 1-9.

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Settlement History Along SR 88/188 From the Globe Highlands to Tonto National Monument, Arizona. Teresa L. Pinter, Robert J. Stokes. 2009 ( tDAR id: 428090) ; doi:10.6067/XCV8428090

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min long: -111.14; min lat: 33.405 ; max long: -110.802; max lat: 33.669 ;

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Permit No.(s): IMR-SW-00-1

Project No.(s): F-038-1-202; 1996-12-133

Cultural Resources Report No.(s): 141

ADOT Right-of-Way Permit(s): 77697M; 77295; 77524M; 77937M

TRACS No.(s): 088 GI 245 H2726 01L

Authorization No.(s): 2034-22; TON212; 2034-25; GLO90; GLO25; GLO23; 2034-26; GLO89

Contract No.(s): 96-34

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