Programmatic Testing Plan for the S.R. 260 - Payson to Heber Archaeological Project

Part of the State Route 260 - Payson to Heber project

Author(s): Sarah A. Herr

Year: 2000


This report describes known sites in the project area and provides a plan of work appropriate for their testing. The discussion is organized by site type (for example, lithic scatter, artifact scatter, multicomponent site, historic structure) and generalized work plans are provided for these sites based upon what is known of other similar sites in the project area.

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Programmatic Testing Plan for the S.R. 260 - Payson to Heber Archaeological Project. Sarah A. Herr. 2000 ( tDAR id: 459765) ; doi:10.48512/XCV8459765


Central Arizona Tradition

Site Name
AR-03-12-04-1014 (TNF) AR-03-12-04-1154 (TNF) AR-03-12-04-1155 (TNF) AR-03-12-04-1160 (TNF) AR-03-12-04-1161 (TNF) AR-03-12-04-1162 (TNF) AR-03-12-04-1215 (TNF) AR-03-12-04-1242 (TNF) AR-03-12-04-1318 (TNF) AR-03-12-04-1370 (TNF) AR-03-12-04-1371 (TNF) AR-03-12-04-1381 (TNF) AR-03-12-04-1383 (TNF) AR-03-12-04-1398 (TNF) AR-03-12-04-1399 (TNF) AR-03-12-04-1404 (TNF) AR-03-12-04-1406 (TNF) AR-03-12-04-1407 (TNF) AR-03-12-04-1410 (TNF) AR-03-12-04-1412 (TNF) AR-03-12-04-1413 (TNF) AR-03-12-04-1417 (TNF) AR-03-12-04-1430 (TNF) AR-03-12-04-1431 (TNF) AR-03-12-04-1432 (TNF) AR-03-12-04-1433 (TNF) AR-03-12-04-1435 (TNF) AR-03-12-04-1437 (TNF) AR-03-12-04-1438 (TNF) AR-03-12-04-1439 (TNF) AR-03-12-04-1440 (TNF) AR-03-12-04-1441 (TNF) AR-03-12-04-1442 (TNF) AR-03-12-04-1443 (TNF) AR-03-12-04-1444 (TNF) AR-03-12-04-1445 (TNF) AR-03-12-04-1470 (TNF) AR-03-12-04-1471 (TNF) AR-03-12-04-1475 (TNF) AR-03-12-04-1490 (TNF) AR-03-12-04-1508 (TNF) AR-03-12-04-1509 (TNF) AR-03-12-04-1512 (TNF) AR-03-12-04-1522 (TNF) AR-03-12-04-170 (TNF) AR-03-12-04-264 (TNF) AR-03-12-04-265 (TNF) AR-03-12-04-267 (TNF) AR-03-12-04-379 (TNF) AR-03-12-04-388 (TNF) AR-03-12-04-390 (TNF) AR-03-12-04-439 (TNF) AR-03-12-04-445 (TNF) AR-03-12-04-457 (TNF) AR-03-12-04-459 (TNF) AR-03-12-04-53 (TNF) AR-03-12-04-745 (TNF) AR-03-12-04-746 (TNF) AR-03-12-04-749 (TNF) AR-03-12-04-780 (TNF) AR-03-12-04-826 (TNF) AR-03-12-04-977 (TNF) AZ O:12:20 (ASM) AZ O:12:27 (ASM) AZ O:12:28 (ASM) AZ O:12:30 (ASM) AZ O:12:32 (ASM) AZ O:12:36 (ASM) AZ O:12:37 (ASM) AZ O:12:39 (ASM) AZ O:12:40 (ASM) AZ O:12:42 (ASM) AZ O:12:44 (ASM) AZ O:12:45 (ASM) AZ O:12:72 (ASM) AZ O:12:73 (ASM) AZ P:9:15 (ASM) AZ P:9:17 (ASM) AZ P:9:18 (ASM) AZ P:9:25 (ASM) AZ P:9:37 (ASM) AZ P:9:38 (ASM) AZ P:9:39 (ASM) AZ P:9:40 (ASM) AZ P:9:41 (ASM) AZ P:9:42 (ASM) Show More

Site Type
Ancient Structure Artifact Scatter Bridge Domestic Structures Pit House / Earth Lodge Quarry Roasting Pit / Oven / Horno Rock Alignment

Spatial Coverage

min long: -111.253; min lat: 34.259 ; max long: -110.97; max lat: 34.333 ;

Individual & Institutional Roles

Contact(s): Desert Archaeology, Inc.

Landowner(s): Tonto National Forest

Sponsor(s): Arizona Department of Transportation

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