Soil Systems, Inc. Artifact Type Coding Sheet

Year: 1997


Soil Systems, Inc. analysts used this coding system to categorize artifacts in a rough sort analysis. These artifact descriptions are basic categorical labels, such as core, uniface, biface, sherds, reconstructible vessel, bone, shell, etc.

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Soil Systems, Inc. Artifact Type Coding Sheet. 1997 ( tDAR id: 366503) ; doi:10.6067/XCV8H130X8

Category: Lookup

Subcategory: Description

Coding Rules

Code Term Description Mapped Ontology Node
1 Indeterminate stone material (manuports, etc.) Miscellaneous Stone
2 Fire-cracked rock or slag Miscellaneous Stone
3 Schist debris Miscellaneous Stone
4 Mineral Miscellaneous Stone
10 Indeterminate groundstone Groundstone
11 Groundstone debitage Groundstone
12 Shaped stone slab (not an architectural element) Groundstone
13 Architectural element Groundstone
20 Indeterminate handstone Groundstone
21 Hammerstone Groundstone
22 Polishing stone Groundstone
23 Abrading stone Groundstone
24 Pestle Groundstone
25 Groundstone tabular tool Groundstone
27 Axe Groundstone
28 Maul Groundstone
29 Indeterminate Axe/maul Groundstone
30 Unassigned Groundstone
31 Anvil Groundstone
32 Lapstone Groundstone
33 Palette Groundstone
34 Mortar Groundstone
35 Stone bowl Groundstone
41 Stone pipe Groundstone
42 Plummet Groundstone
43 Stone “donut” ring Groundstone
44 Stone disk Groundstone
45 Pecked/polished sphere Groundstone
49 Other pecked/battered stone Groundstone
50 Indeterminate mano Groundstone
51 One-handed mano Groundstone
52 Two-handed mano Groundstone
53 Ground slab (piki, pigment stone, etc.) Groundstone
55 Indeterminate metate Groundstone
56 Trough metate Groundstone
57 Slab metate Groundstone
58 Basin metate Groundstone
60 Indeterminate ornament Groundstone
61 Bead Groundstone
62 Pendant Groundstone
63 Geometric Groundstone
64 Effigy Groundstone
65 Tchamahia Groundstone
66 Tessera Groundstone
69 Other groundstone tool Groundstone
70 Indeterminate chipped stone Chipped Stone
71 Unworked nodule (e.g., Apache Tears) Chipped Stone
72 Shatter/angular debris Chipped Stone
73 Cortical flake Chipped Stone
74 Noncortical flake Chipped Stone
75 Indeterminate debitage Chipped Stone
76 Core Chipped Stone
81 Core tool Chipped Stone
82 Cobble tool Chipped Stone
85 Chipped stone tabular tool Chipped Stone
86 Uniface Chipped Stone
87 Biface Chipped Stone
88 Unifacially retouched flake or shatter Chipped Stone
89 Bifacially retouched flake or shatter Chipped Stone
90 Unifacial wear on a flake or shatter Chipped Stone
91 Bifacial wear on a flake or shatter Chipped Stone
92 Retouched projection on a flake or shatter Chipped Stone
93 Worn projection on a flake or shatter Chipped Stone
94 Combination tool on a flake or shatter Chipped Stone
96 Projectile point Chipped Stone
97 Flaked axe Chipped Stone
98 Chipped stone ornament Chipped Stone
99 Other chipped stone tools Chipped Stone
100 Sherds Ceramic
101 Reconstructible vessel (RV) Ceramic
120 Figurine or figurine fragment Ceramic
121 Modeled spindle whorl Ceramic
122 Sherd spindle whorl Ceramic
123 Ceramic bead(s) Ceramic
124 Ceramic pendant Ceramic
125 Worked sherd Ceramic
126 Unfired clay Ceramic
150 Comal Ceramic
199 Other ceramic item Ceramic
200 Bone (no HU or FA ID) Bone
201 Faunal bone Bone
203 Bone awl / hairpin Bone
204 Worked faunal bone Bone
205 Human bone Bone
210 Eggshell Bone
300 Shell Shell
301 Worked shell Shell
302 Shell bead(s) Shell
303 Shell bracelet Shell
304 Shell pendant Shell
305 Shell ring Shell
308 Other shell ornament Shell
309 Indeterminate shell ornament Shell
350 Freshwater shell Shell
401 Daub Other
402 Perishable material (modified organic material) Other
403 Miscellaneous (caliche, impressions in soil, etc.) Other
404 Insect Other
405 Human hair Other
406 Human coprolite Other
500 General historic material Historic Artifacts
501 Glass Historic Artifacts
502 Historic ceramic Historic Artifacts
503 Historic leather Historic Artifacts
504 Metal Historic Artifacts
505 Historic textile Historic Artifacts
600 Archaeomag Chronologic Sample
601 C-14 Chronologic Sample
602 Flotation Environmental Sample
603 Macrobot Environmental Sample
604 Pollen Environmental Sample
605 Pollen wash Environmental Sample
606 Soil Environmental Sample
607 Phytolith Environmental Sample
608 Dendro Chronologic Sample
Code Term Description
Special Coding Rules: These entries are not in the coding-sheet, but represent edge-cases in Data Integration that may benefit from custom mappings
The following coding rules exist in datasets mapped to this coding sheet, but are not in the coding sheet

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