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  1. Between Dirt and Digital: Finding New Ways to Record Old Stuff! (2015)
  2. Camp Lawton:  Life and Death of a Civil War Prison (2013)
  3. Catholic Health Care in the Wild West: A Case Study of Saint Mary’s Hospital in Virginia City, Nevada (2013)
  4. A cod-awful smell: Novel evidence for fisheries management and land use at 17-18th century Ferryland and its social, economic, and sensorial implications (2015)
  5. Community, Archaeology and Public Heritage in Telford - an English New Town (2013)
  6. Cultural Continuity of Enslaved Peoples Foodways on James Island (2013)
  7. Daniel Gookin’s Atlantic World: Comparative Archaeological Landscapes in Ireland and Virginia. (2013)
  8. Dining in Detroit: Revisiting 19th Century Faunal Remains from the Renaissance Center Excavations (2015)
  9. Exploring Old Avenues in New Ways: Urban Archaeology and Public Outreach in Detroit (2015)
  10. A Fur Trade Era Ice House in Edmonton, Alberta (2015)
  11. Great Dismal Swamp Land Study (2013)
  12. Ground Truthing the Future: Using Contact Era Archaeological Information to Test and Communicate Sea Level Change (2015)
  13. The History and Archaeology of the American Drive-In Theater (2015)
  14. Inland Rice Plantations in Jasper County, South Carolina:  Preliminary Results (2013)
  15. Inquiry-Based Learning and the Kingsley Shelter Curriculum (2013)
  16. Landmark Issues in Historical Archaeology (2015)
  17. Landscapes of Industry and Ancestry, Voyageurs National Park in 1927 (2015)
  18. Manifest Disease: An Analysis of Pioneer and Tribal Cemeteries in Early Washington (2015)
  19. Mapping the Buffalo Lake Métis Wintering Site (2015)
  20. Paddling Through the Past- A Landscape Archaeological Survey of a Contested Waterway (2013)
  21. A Proof-of-Concept Study: Can Fishermen Interviews Locate Historic Shipwrecks? Methodology and Preliminary Results (2015)
  22. Reconstructing Daily Life in Little Flat Creek Valley (2015)
  23. Recreating Historic Photography as a Tool for Archaeologists (2013)
  24. Rehabilitating America’s Forgotten Excavations: Case Studies from the Veterans Curation Program (2015)
  25. The River Street Digital History Project (2015)
  26. Shaping the City from Detroit’s Rediscovered Archaeological Collections (2015)