The Periphery of the Research Project: Tangential Narratives, Side Data, and Interesting Tidbits

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  • Families on the Frontier (2015)
    DOCUMENT Citation Only Jordan E Pickrell.

    Popular depictions of cowboys and Indians on an open range downplay the complex processes involved in the settlement of the American West. An archaeological study in Bent County, Colorado examines the county as a microcosm of the American West and reveals valuable information about the development of urban communities on the frontier. This paper analyzes documents written by and about families living in the county between 1862 and 1888. Personal journals of settlers and visitors are juxtaposed...

  • Illegitimate Children, Single Parents, and Methodism in an African American Enclave in the Dominican Republic (2015)
    DOCUMENT Citation Only Kristen R. Fellows.

    In previous research on an African American enclave in Samaná, Dominican Republic baptism and marriage records have provided a wealth of information; this data has been looked at for marriage patterns within and beyond the confines of the community, naming practices, and even spatial information regarding where individuals lived. This paper, however, will begin a discussion on a component of these documents which has, to date, gone unexplored: legitimacy rates and the baptism of illegitimate...

    DOCUMENT Citation Only Jill Bennett Gaieski. Theodore G. Schurr.

    Conversations about history have a way of shaping historical narrative, often unintentionally and usually in unexpected ways.  Similarly, identity is an ongoing enterprise where individuals adapt, adopt, discard, and change in relation to the vagaries of a remembered past and to realities in the present.  This paper focuses on Bermuda’s St. David’s Islanders, and examines how this geographically isolated and culturally distinct community (re)created an American Indian identity more than three...

  • Summer Harvests, Winter Meals: Home Canning at the African American Community of Timbuctoo, NJ (2015)
    DOCUMENT Citation Only Christopher P. Barton.

    This paper focuses on the continuing work at the African American community of Timbuctoo in Westampton, New Jersey. While our initial guiding questions sought to uncover cultural retentions that could be retraced to West Africa, the realities of our archaeological work shifted our focus to a complex discourse on social and economic class. Specifically, this paper discusses the practice of home canning as a medium to resist and improvise against economic marginalization. Through this discussion,...

  • Tales of the Sturgeon in Philadelphia’s Culinary Past (2015)
    DOCUMENT Citation Only Teagan Schweitzer.

    When British colonists moved to the Philadelphia area, the sturgeon was one of the few fish species that was familiar to them from their English roots. The availability of this familiar fish surely eased their transition to their new home. Recent excavations in Northeast Philadelphia reveal that sturgeon were still commonly eaten up through the middle of the 19th century. In this paper we will explore the history of the sturgeon in the Philadelphia area from colonial times to the present to...