Unearthing the Gem State: Historical Archaeology in Idaho

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  • Drawing From The Well: The Life Of A Founding Family, Boise, Idaho, 1864-1907 (2015)
    DOCUMENT Citation Only Jessica L Goodwin.

    In 2012, an abandoned well was discovered beneath the porch at the Cyrus Jacobs-Uberuaga House in Boise, Idaho. The house, now a part of the Basque Museum and Cultural Center, is already a cultural and historical landmark, both for its importance to Boise’s early history and its Basque population. The nearly 16,000 artifacts recovered in 2012 shed light on the house’s earliest occupation by the Jacobs family, from 1864-1907. The Jacobs were one of the founding families of Boise and helped shape...

  • Exploring The Merchandise Of The Pon Yam Store In Idaho City: What Do We Tell The Public About Chinese Olives And Dracontomelon? (2015)
    DOCUMENT Citation Only Mary Anne Davis. Susie Osgood.

    The Boise National Forest and the Idaho City Historical Foundation formed a partnership to restore the Pon Yam Store to its original character as a nineteenth century Chinese merchant’s shop, and adapt the building for use as a museum and research center.  An opportunity to excavate under the floor boards in the store by FS archaeologists and volunteers provided a look at artifacts not usually found in archaeological sites due to a lack of preservation.  Firecrackers, incense sticks, and...

  • Hardly "Junk" in the Trunk: Exploring Participant Feedback from Archaeology Education Tool Testing (2015)
    DOCUMENT Citation Only Mary C Petrich-Guy.

    Though preservation and cultural resource management laws were written with the public in mind, effectively engaging the public is a constant challenge. In the face of demands for measurable results in education programs and the classroom, both archaeologists and educators are turning focus towards assessment. Archaeology teaching kits for elementary classrooms can be useful tools, facilitating an integration of archaeological material into schools. Deaccessioned archaeological materials from...

  • The Little Town That Could: The Railroad in Sandpoint, Idaho 1880-1935 (2015)
    DOCUMENT Citation Only Bailey M. Cavender.

    This paper investigates the history of Sandpoint, Idaho and the impact that the railroad had on it from the time surveyors for the Northern Pacific Railroad arrived in 1880 until 1935. Sandpoint was not only a stopping point for the Northern Pacific, but for the Great Northern Railway as well. The use of the railroad impacted the course of the United States in a major way. By allowing the easier and often safer transportation of goods and people across the county, the national economy was able...

  • Out on the Porch: Evidence of Play on Idaho’s Frontier (2015)
    DOCUMENT Citation Only Amanda C Bielmann. Mairee MacInnes.

    The ideal child of the 19th century was seen and not heard, and today the lives of these children are often overlooked in the documentation of the past. They did, however, have a lasting impact on their surroundings in the American West.  Recent excavations of a surgeon’s quarters at Fort Boise reveal insights into some of the earliest evidence of play in the state of Idaho. Artifacts unearthed from below the home's porch include toys and educational materials dating to the turn of the twentieth...