A Block Clustering Approach to the Definition of Site Classes: San Xavier Archaeological Project

Author(s): Jeffrey H. Altschul; Martin R. Rose

Year: 1985


The San Xavier Archaeological Project conducted an intensive survey of more than 18 square miles in the southern portion of the Tucson Basin. In all, 150 sites were recorded, of which 147 dated at least in part to either the prehistoric or protohistoric periods. One of the primary goals of the project was to determine the types of sites located in the project area and to examine the relationships between the various site types. Traditionally, archaeologists define site types from surface data on the basis of intuitive criteria established over years of field study. In Hohokam archaeology, common site types include such terms as village, hamlet, farmstead, vegetable-processing station, specialized-activity site, and quarry. Site types such as these are usually a combination of descriptive labels and inferred site function. For instance, the term "village" is usually reserved for areas characterized by large and dense scatters of artifacts that also might contain other features visible on the surface, such as trash mounds and ball courts.

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A Block Clustering Approach to the Definition of Site Classes: San Xavier Archaeological Project. Jeffrey H. Altschul, Martin R. Rose. Statistical Research Technical Series ,3. Tucson, AZ: SRI Press. 1985 ( tDAR id: 394511) ; doi:10.6067/XCV8GM88NW

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Site Name
AZ 13:1260 (ASM) AZ 13:126A (ASM) AZ 13:126AA (ASM) AZ 13:126B (ASM) AZ 13:126C (ASM) AZ 13:126D (ASM) AZ 13:126E (ASM) AZ 13:126F (ASM) AZ 13:126G (ASM) AZ 13:126H (ASM) AZ 13:126I (ASM) AZ 13:126J (ASM) AZ 13:126K (ASM) AZ 13:126L (ASM) AZ 13:126M (ASM) AZ 13:126N (ASM) AZ 13:126P (ASM) AZ 13:126Q (ASM) AZ 13:126R (ASM) AZ 13:126S (ASM) AZ 13:126T (ASM) AZ 13:161 (ASM) AZ 13:162 (ASM) AZ 13:163 (ASM) AZ 13:164 (ASM) AZ 13:165 (ASM) AZ 13:166 (ASM) AZ 13:167 (ASM) AZ 13:168 (ASM) AZ 13:169 (ASM) AZ 13:16A (ASM) AZ 13:16AA (ASM) AZ 13:16B (ASM) AZ 13:16C (ASM) AZ 13:16D (ASM) AZ 13:16E (ASM) AZ 13:16F (ASM) AZ 13:16G (ASM) AZ 13:16H (ASM) AZ 13:16I (ASM) AZ 13:16J (ASM) AZ 13:170 (ASM) AZ 13:172 (ASM) AZ 13:173 (ASM) AZ 13:174 (ASM) AZ 13:175 (ASM) AZ 13:176 (ASM) AZ 13:177 (ASM) AZ 13:178 (ASM) AZ 13:179 (ASM) AZ 13:180 (ASM) AZ 13:181 (ASM) AZ 13:182 (ASM) AZ 13:183 (ASM) AZ 13:184 (ASM) AZ 13:185 (ASM) AZ 13:186 (ASM) AZ 13:187 (ASM) AZ 13:188 (ASM) AZ 13:189 (ASM) AZ 13:191 (ASM) AZ 13:192 (ASM) AZ 13:193 (ASM) AZ 13:194 (ASM) AZ 13:195 (ASM) AZ 13:196 (ASM) AZ 13:197 (ASM) AZ 13:198 (ASM) AZ 13:199 (ASM) AZ 13:200 (ASM) AZ 13:201 (ASM) AZ 13:202 (ASM) AZ 13:203 (ASM) AZ 13:204 (ASM) AZ 13:206 (ASM) AZ 13:207 (ASM) AZ 13:208 (ASM) AZ 13:209 (ASM) AZ 13:210 (ASM) AZ 13:212 (ASM) AZ 13:213A (ASM) AZ 13:213B (ASM) AZ 13:214 (ASM) AZ 13:215A (ASM) AZ 13:215B (ASM) AZ 13:216 (ASM) AZ 13:217 (ASM) AZ 13:218 (ASM) AZ 13:220 (ASM) AZ 13:221 (ASM) AZ 13:44 (ASM) AZ 13:45 (ASM) AZ 13:51 (ASM) AZ 16:109 (ASM) AZ 16:110 (ASM) AZ 16:111 (ASM) AZ 16:112 (ASM) AZ 16:113 (ASM) AZ 16:114 (ASM) AZ 16:115 (ASM) AZ 16:116 (ASM) AZ 16:117 (ASM) AZ 16:118 (ASM) AZ 16:119 (ASM) AZ 16:11A (ASM) AZ 16:11B (ASM) AZ 16:120 (ASM) AZ 16:121 (ASM) AZ 16:122 (ASM) AZ 16:123 (ASM) AZ 16:124 (ASM) AZ 16:125 (ASM) AZ 16:126 (ASM) AZ 16:127 (ASM) AZ 16:128 (ASM) AZ 16:129 (ASM) AZ 16:12A (ASM) AZ 16:12B (ASM) AZ 16:130 (ASM) AZ 16:131 (ASM) AZ 16:132 (ASM) AZ 16:133 (ASM) AZ 16:134 (ASM) AZ 16:135 (ASM) AZ 16:137 (ASM) AZ 16:138 (ASM) AZ 16:139 (ASM) AZ 16:140 (ASM) AZ 16:142 (ASM) AZ 16:143 (ASM) AZ 16:144 (ASM) AZ 16:145 (ASM) AZ 16:146 (ASM) AZ 16:149 (ASM) AZ 16:153 (ASM) AZ 16:154 (ASM) AZ 16:155 (ASM) AZ 16:156 (ASM) AZ 16:168 (ASM) AZ 16:169 (ASM) AZ 16:17 (ASM) AZ 16:170 (ASM) AZ 16:171 (ASM) AZ 16:172 (ASM) AZ 16:219 (ASM) AZ 16:4 (ASM) Show More

Site Type
Domestic Structure or Architectural Complex Hamlet / Village Pit Roasting Pit / Oven / Horno Settlements

Spatial Coverage

min long: -111.552; min lat: 31.775 ; max long: -110.245; max lat: 32.783 ;

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