Cultural Resources Management Plan for Fort Huachuca Military Reservation, Arizona


This Cultural Resource Management Plan (CRMP) describes Fort Huachuca's legal responsibility for management of its cultural resources and summarizes what is known about its archaeological and historical-period properties. As of the fall of 1994, 343 prehistoric and historical-period components occurring as 315 reported archaeological sites have been recorded on Fort Huachuca. Two hundred and fifty-one components are prehistoric, 92 are historical period, and 28 are dual prehistoric-historical period. In addition, information on Fort Huachuca's historic-architectural heritage is summarized. Information is presented on the 86 historic buildings in the Fort Huachuca National Historic Landmark (NHL), 117 historic buildings and structures within the Cantonment but outside the NHL, 259 other historic buildings within the Cantonment, and 55 homesteads on the East Range.

The CRMP is organized into four parts and 10 chapters. A separate data compendium provides descriptive and locational information on archaeological sites and surveys that have taken place on and adjacent to Fort Huachuca, as well as other supplemental material. Part One presents the background information on Fort Huachuca and provides the context within which cultural resources may be described and evaluated. Part Two describes the Fort Huachuca cultural resource database. Part Three consists of the operating procedures for future management of cultural resources on Fort Huachuca. Part Four provides the sources of information used for this study. It includes an extensive bibliography of references used to compile the CRMP. This CRMP is considered to be a planning document. As such, it must be periodically updated as legal requirements, data, methods, and standards change. The current document should be reevaluated for necessary revisions in four years.

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Cultural Resources Management Plan for Fort Huachuca Military Reservation, Arizona. Carla R. Van West, Mark T. Swanson, Jeffrey Altschul. Technical Series ,67. Tucson, AZ: SRI Press. 1997 ( tDAR id: 425934) ; doi:10.48512/XCV8425934

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Archaeological Feature Artifact Scatter Domestic Structure or Architectural Complex Domestic Structures Governmental Structure Historic Governmental Structure Midden Military Structure Non-Domestic Structures Rock Art Settlements

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min long: -110.492; min lat: 31.374 ; max long: -110.112; max lat: 31.6 ;

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Contact(s): SRI Press

Permitting Agency(s): U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Los Angeles District

Prepared By(s): Statistical Research, Inc.

Submitted To(s): Department of the Army, Fort Huachuca, Arizona

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Delivery Order(s): No. 4

Contract No.(s): DACA09-92-D-0011

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