Hayden-Rhodes Aqueduct Cultural Resource Assessments and Site Relocations

Part of: Granite Reef (Hayden-Rhodes) Aqueduct

The Bureau of Reclamation has developed an archaeological site database for the Central Arizona Project (CAP) canal main stem based on the Class III survey data that includes all previously recorded sites. An unknown number of these sites were either destroyed by construction or excavation, while others are no longer located within the CAP right-of-way (ROW). Reclamation directed its contractors to sites that had been identified in the Granite Reef (now Hayden-Rhodes) portion of the CAP canal. This collection encompasses the different assessment projects.

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Class III Cultural Resources Survey and Site Damage Assessment at Arizona Horse Lovers Park, Phoenix, Maricopa County, Arizona Hayden Rhodes Aqueduct Phase IV Small Sites Assessment, Central Arizona Project Canal The Hayden Rhodes Large Site Resurvey Phase II The Hayden-Rhodes Large Site Resurvey Individual Resources