Examining Webs of Social Relations: New Research in West Mexican Archaeology and West Mexico-U.S. Southwest Connections

Part of: Society for American Archaeology 80th Annual Meeting, San Francisco, CA (2015)

In the history of research on prehispanic Mesoamerican cultures, far West Mexico has long been relegated to a position as a peripheral backwater on the northwestern fringes of the complex cultures of highland and southern Mesoamerica. However, the rich diversity of cultural traditions and social developments in West Mexico also have been recognized as being distinct from yet connected to other indigenous societies in Mesoamerica and the U.S. Southwest. A surge in archaeological research in the past decade has begun to draw renewed attention to this often-overlooked region and this recent work has begun to clarify our understanding of the prehispanic history of the coastal lowlands and interior highlands of West Mexico. This session is a platform for highlighting new archaeological research by junior and senior scholars in West Mexico with a sub-focus on examining how the webs of social relations in far West Mexico intersected with the social webs of Pueblo cultures of northwest Mexico and the U.S. Southwest.

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  1. Copper Back Mirrors (Tezcacuitlapilli) as Objects of Political and Religious Authority in the Casas Grandes World (A.D. 1200-1450) (2015)
  2. El sitio megalítico de Ahuacatlán, ejemplo de erupciones volcánicas y de cambio cultural (2015)
  3. Funerary Practices in Prehispanic Sinaloa: Assessing Aztatlán Mortuary Behavior (2015)
  4. Materiality of Death at Cerro de Trincheras, Sonora: A Comparison of Ceramic Urn Funerary Practice in a Macro Regional Scale (2015)
  5. Possible causes for mayor cultural change between Classic and Postclassic occupations in western Mexico (2015)
  6. Preliminary Results on Regional Postclassic Aztatlán Obsidian Usage Patterns (2015)
  8. Ring the bell: A spatial comparative analysis of copper bells between the Greater Southwest and Michoacán. (2015)
  9. Selective Influence of West Mexico Cultural Traditions in the Onavas Valley, Sonora, Mexico (2015)
  10. Some Observations on Hohokam Figurines: Implictions for Early American Southwest Connections with West Mexico (2015)
  11. The sound of dancing in the desert Northwest/Southwest. Copper bells from Trincheras, and the Casas Grandes Connection. (2015)
  12. Trading, Borrowing, Stealing, Fighting, Collaborating and Sharing: Comcáac Social Interactions with their Neighbors (2015)
  13. The Transition between Epiclassic to Early Postclassic in Western Mexico. Processes involved in the Sayula Basin (Jalisco). (2015)