Teaching Archaeology in the Twenty-First Century: Activities for the College Classroom

Part of: Society for American Archaeology 80th Annual Meeting, San Francisco, CA (2015)

Hands-on activities are one of the best tools available to promote complex problem-solving in student-centered archaeology classrooms. Yet, original activities are difficult to devise, requiring a substantial time commitment and, frequently, multiple iterations before maturing into a productive learning tool. Ideally activities that originate within a limited circle of colleagues can be adapted and revised to fit diverse academic situations and instructors. This poster session is designed to share effective activities developed by the presenters over the years. Activity handouts, along with ancillary materials, are provided and each activity is explicitly connected to the Principles for Curricular Reform of the SAA Committee on Curriculum: Stewardship, Diverse Pasts, Social Relevance, Ethics and Values, Written and Oral Communication, Fundamental Archaeological Skills, and Real-World Problem Solving.