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  • An Archaeological Evaluation of the Salt River Project-Owned "Legend City" Property in Northwest Tempe, Maricopa County, Arizona (1986)
    DOCUMENT Full-Text Lyle M. Stone.

    In early February 1986, Archaeological Research Services, Inc. (ARS) performed an archaeological survey of an approximately 525 acre parcel of Salt River Project-owned land located in northwest Tempe, Maricopa County, Arizona. The results of this survey were reported in March 1986. A portion of the parcel, the former "Legend City" property, was unsurveyable at the time of field investigation due to extensive blacktop and other ground cover, and ARS recommended that this property be...

  • Prehistoric and Historic Resources of a 525 Acre Parcel near the Salt River Project Administrative Complex in Tempe, Arizona (1986)
    DOCUMENT Full-Text Scott L. Fedick. Lyle M. Stone.

    Between February 6 and 12, 1986, Scott L. Fedick and Lyle M. Stone of Archaeological Research Services, Inc. (ARS), performed an archaeological survey of approximately 525 acres of Salt River Project (SRP) owned land in the vicinity of the SRP Administrative Offices complex in northwest Tempe, Maricopa County, Arizona. This study also involved background literature and archaeological site file research, and was undertaken at the request of the SRP Environmental Services Department in order to...

  • A Plan for the Management of Archaeological Sites in the Tempe Papago Park Area (1988)
    DOCUMENT Full-Text Arizona State University (ASU).

    Papago Park in the City of Tempe extends from Tempe Butte northward across the Salt River bed into the southern portion of the Papago hills. The archaeological sites in the park are relatively small, but they represent both the Indian and Anglo occupation of the Salt River Valley, and span more than one thousand years of history (A.D. 800 to late 1800s and early 1900s). Excavations at two of the sites have produced artifacts dating to a) the prehistoric Indian period, b) the early historic...

  • A Cultural Resource Survey of the 47th and Arizona Canal Purchase 8.6E/14.4N, Salt River Project, Phoenix, Arizona (1994)
    DOCUMENT Full-Text Mark Brodbeck.

    Northland Research, Inc. was contracted by Salt River Project to perform a Class III cultural resource survey of a land acquisition as a prelude to providing archaeological clearance for future development. The project area measures approximately 2 acres in size.

  • Archaeological Survey of New Moreland Road, Papago Park, Phoenix, Arizona (1996)
    DOCUMENT Full-Text T. Kathleen Henderson.

    Northland Research, Inc. (Northland) conducted an archaeological survey of a 50-ft (15-m) wide corridor that extended 2,700 ft (823 m) across lands contained within Papago Park, east of 52nd Street and west of the Papago Municipal Golf Course in east-central Phoenix, Arizona. The survey was conducted on April 17, 1996 at the request of Salt River Project (SRP) for the New Moreland Road development. 3.1 acres were examined within the surveyed corridor. The survey located no historic or...

  • Cultural Resources Overview for the Papago Park Planning Area (2016)
    DOCUMENT Full-Text Soil Systems, Inc..

    Cella Barr Associates contracted with Soil Systems, Inc. to prepare an overview of the cultural resources in the Papago Park planning area. A survey of pertinent literature and site record files was conducted and the results were summarized in this report. Recommendations for documentation and assessment of cultural resources within the park area conclude this report. A review of the archaeological and historical material encompassing the Papago Park planning area has revealed 20 archaeological...