Across the Pond: New Ventures in a New World

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  • The Archaeology of Irish Railroad Laborers in Mid-Nineteenth Century Virginia: Findings from the First Field Season (2013)
    DOCUMENT Citation Only Amanda B. Johnson. Stephen A. Brighton.

    In 1850 the landscape 15 miles west of Charlottesville was dramatically altered as thousands of Irish immigrants were brought to the area to construct the Blue Ridge Railroad. The dangerous work consisted of several cuts and tunnels. One of the more difficult projects was the Blue Ridge or Afton tunnel. At its completion it stretched just under a mile and at the time was one of the longest tunnels in American history. During the summer of 2012, the excavations focused on standing dry-laid stone...

  • Bark in the Fosse?  The Implications of Birch Bark Remains at an 18th Century Fort Site.  (2013)
    DOCUMENT Citation Only Andrew R Beaupre.

    Nearly two meters beneath the modern ground surface, the remains of a birch bark construction rest in a state of near perfect preservation for over two hundred years.  In the summer of 2012, a team of archaeologists from Université Laval and the College of William and Mary uncovered this unique artifact.   The site of this artifact’s recovery lies in the contested waterway of the Lake Champlain-Richelieu River Corridor. During the 18th century this ‘Valley of Forts’ saw the swing of borders,...

  • The Edge of the World: Settlement, Production, and Trade in Early American Southwest Arkansas (2013)
    DOCUMENT Citation Only Carl Carlson-Drexler.

    The Atlantic World is usually used to focus on sites in the Chesapeake or other Eastern Seaboard loci of early settlement. By many reckonings, however, the Atlantic World endured well into the 19th century, and, if we take as a definition of the Atlantic World a focus on marine trade between the colonies and colonizers, then we must cast a much wider net. The earliest stages of settlement in the Trans-Mississippi South would certainly be included here. This paper explores the settlement of...

  • Some Very Middle Class Indians? Connections between the Croaton Indians of Hatteras Island and the wider 18th century world. (2013)
    DOCUMENT Citation Only Frederick J G Neville-Jones.

    The historical narrative of the Pamlico Sound and Outer Banks of North Carolina reflect their geographical situation at the edge of the North American continent, connected to wider stories but always at the periphery. Although enjoying connections to the story of American ethnogenesis and the Lost Colony at Roanoke Island, the development of powered flight and the Wright Brothers at Kill Devil Hills and Blackbeard and the Golden Age of Piracy at Beaufort Inlet, except in the case of projects at...

  • Tastes on the "Tight Little Island": Dietary Choices in St. George's, Bermuda (2013)
    DOCUMENT Citation Only Jenna K Carlson.

    British colonists in the New World employed a variety of strategies to cope with their new surroundings.  In eighteenth- and nineteenth-century St. George's, Bermuda, settlers embraced the natural abundance of the marine environment while maintaining their reliance on Old World domesticates.  Market access, personal preference, and socioeconomic standing greatly influenced the nature of this balance of Old and New World foodstuffs.  Faunal assemblages from the Henry Tucker House in St. George's...

  • "There and Back Again": The Atlantic World Concept in Historical Archaeology (2013)
    DOCUMENT Citation Only Sarah Chesney.

    The concept of an "Atlantic World" is a useful one for historical archaeologists because it provides a general geographic starting point for investigations that focus on the transformation of the world and the expansion of European imperial networks but defies strict physical, temporal, and cultural boundaries. As the limits of the known world expanded for Europeans and non-Europeans alike, its mysterious edges contracted, and people and places isolated from outside developments became...