Public History in the Clover Bottoms: An Interdisciplinary Study of Community Enslavement and Emancipation

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  • Marked on the Landscape: The African American Experience at Clover Bottom Plantation (2016)
    DOCUMENT Citation Only Noel Harris.

    This paper presents a study of Clover Bottom’s extant outbuildings and historic dwellings in relation to excavated artifact concentrations and architectural features in order to expand our understanding of the plantation landscape from the perspective of its African American majority. Vernacular architectural research presents clues to dates of construction and shifting building functions over time. Informed by primary descriptions of the property, the study of spatial relationships and lines of...

  • Questions Answered and the Way Forward: Results of the 2015 Clover Bottom Field Season and the New Questions Generated. (2016)
    DOCUMENT Citation Only Graham J Henderson.

    During June and July of 2015, a historical archaeological field school from Middle Tennessee State University’s Public History Program conducted a survey and assessment of Clover Bottom plantation (40DDV186) in Nashville, Tennessee. This excavation looked to bring forth new material evidence for the experiences of the property’s majority of enslaved and emancipated residents. This paper presents the results of topographic and shovel-test surveys and test excavations as they relate to ongoing...

  • Seeking Stories of Family and Community: Resituating Antebellum and Postbellum Narratives at Clover Bottom (2016)
    DOCUMENT Citation Only Kathryn L Sikes.

    During the summer of 2015, Middle Tennessee State University's Public History Program conducted an inaugural field school in historical archaeology at Clover Bottom plantation, assisting the Tennessee Historical Commission in its efforts to resolve lingering questions about the property's historic landscape and the experiences of African American families within it. This paper introduces the research design and longterm goals informing a multidisciplinary study of Clover Bottom's African...

  • Unearthing Their Lives: Documenting the Evolution of African American Life at Clover Bottom and Beyond (2016)
    DOCUMENT Citation Only Tiffany N. Momon.

    Recent excavations at Clover Bottom Plantation are contributing new information to a rich documentary record of the lives of enslaved and later freed African Americans who lived and/or worked there. Clover Bottom Plantation was owned by the Hoggatt family for the majority of its nineteenth-century history. At its peak, it was home to 60 enslaved individuals who were listed, but remained unnamed in the 1860 census. Through a comparative study of available primary sources and newspaper accounts,...