Strategic Partnerships in Archaeology: A Community Approach to Raising Awareness and Preserving Maritime Heritage

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  • The Battle of the Atlantic, Torpedo Junction, and the Archaeological Record: The Battle of the Atlantic Research and Expedition Group’s Campaign 2021 (2017)
    DOCUMENT Citation Only William R. Chadwell.

    The waters off the Outer Banks of North Carolina were the scene of some of the most intense activity on the US East Coast by German submarines in World War II, particularly during 1942.  Today evidence of that struggle remains in the form of the wrecks of roughly 100 ships and submarines.  The Battle of the Atlantic Research and Expedition Group is a 501(c)3 educational nonprofit corporation made up nearly exclusively of avocational archaeologists and historians all of whom are recreational or...

  • Five Sites, Sixty Miles, and Nine Tons of Discovery: Spring 2016 Research On and In the Potomac River (2017)
    DOCUMENT Citation Only P. Brendan Burke.

    The Institute of Maritime History (IMH) and the Lighthouse Archaeological Maritime Program (LAMP) partnered for a research initiative in the Potomac River from May 12-20, 2016. The multi-phase project investigated several sites including the USS Tulip, the wreck of the Confederate schooner Favorite, the WWII U-boat Black Panther (U-1105), a 19th century centerboard sailing vessel, and a canal barge scuttled in 1862 with heavy ordnance once used to blockade Washington D.C. Additionally, survey...

  • Hard to Shop For: Surveying for a Birthday Present for the Nation’s Oldest Port (2017)
    DOCUMENT Citation Only Olivia A. McDaniel. P. Brendan Burke. Chuck T Meide.

    During the 2015 field season the Lighthouse Archaeological Maritime Program (LAMP) completed a program of target testing and remote sensing in the waters off St. Augustine, Florida, with the objective of locating early colonial shipwrecks. The project included a series of remote sensing resurveys to re-investigate and better understand several magnetic targets initially identified during two previous surveys carried out in 1995 and 2009. The 2015 survey was carried out in conjunction with St....

  • The Investigation of the Anniversary Wreck, a Colonial Period Shipwreck off St. Augustine, Florida: Results of the First Excavation Season (2017)
    DOCUMENT Citation Only Chuck Meide.

    In July 2015, a buried shipwreck was discovered off St. Augustine, Florida by the Lighthouse Archaeological Maritime Program, or LAMP, a non-profit organization which serves as the research arm for the St. Augustine Lighthouse & Maritime Museum. A 2 x 1 m test excavation revealed a remarkable amount of material culture, including two barrels, as many as six cauldrons, numerous unidentified concretions, four pewter plates, and a single sherd of brown stoneware.  The plates and ceramic tentatively...

  • Lost to the Minefield: The Wreck of F.W. Abrams off Cape Hatteras, NC (2017)
    DOCUMENT Citation Only Chelsea R. Freeland.

    The U.S. Merchant Marine provided a necessary supply line to Allied troops through the entirety of WWII. In June 1942, the crude oil tanker F.W. Abrams fell victim to the Hatteras minefield, a defensive mechanism meant to protect U.S. merchant vessels. The ship struck three mines before sinking just off the coast of Ocracoke Island, North Carolina. In May 2016, the Battle of the Atlantic Research Expedition Group began a Phase I survey of the site, primarily to corroborate or compare to...

  • To Scuttle and Run: The Institute of Maritime History’s Search for Lord Dunmore’s Floating City of 1776 (2017)
    DOCUMENT Citation Only David P. Howe. P. Brendan Burke.

    Since 2008 the Institute for Maritime History (IMH) has supported a research project at the confluence of the St. Marys and Potomac rivers. This area is the suspected locus of Lord Dunmore’s scuttled fleet from 1776. As the last British colonial governor of Virginia, Dunmore fled the colony with a flotilla of loyalists, soldiers, and sailors. Aboard the civilian fleet, guarded by Royal Navy sloops and a frigate, Dunmore unsuccessfully attempted to restore order to an unravelling colony. After...