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  • Confronting Structural Racism and Historical Archaeology (2018)
    DOCUMENT Citation Only Michael Nassaney.

    Our scholarship teaches us that racialized structures created conditions that constrained and facilitated social action, with a pervasive influence on the materiality of the past. Inevitably, agents worked against institutionalized racism in public and covert ways to try to affect a more equitable and less dehumanizing society. Despite these efforts, we generally pay less attention to how ongoing structural racism influences our current lives and practice as historical archaeologists and global...

  • The Evolutionary Development of Technology in Archaeology: An Open Discussion (2018)
    DOCUMENT Citation Only Eric Swanson.

    Technology has driven the innovative growth and progress in many different industries over time. From agriculture to space exploration, technology has been driven towards answering questions that need to be answered. Technology in Archaeology is no different than other fields, however its growth is contingent on other innovative use of theory and practice using new tools in fields that have the funding for innovation, and the need for expedited answers. Through examining how technology has...

  • Fifth Annual SHA Ethics Bowl (2018)
    DOCUMENT Citation Only Molly E Swords.

    Welcome to the SHA’s fifth annual Ethics Bowl! Sponsored by the APTC Student Subcommittee and supported by the RPA and SHA Ethics Committee, this event is designed to challenge students in terrestrial and underwater archaeology with case studies relevant to ethical issues that they may encounter in their careers. Teams will be scored on clarity, depth, focus, and judgment in their responses. The bowl is intended to foster good-natured competition between students from different backgrounds and...

  • Government Maritime Managers Forum XXVI: "The man who has experienced shipwreck shudders even at a calm sea" (2018)
    DOCUMENT Citation Only Victor T Mastone.

    While this quote from Ovid is often found at the beginning of shipwreck stories, it is applicable the present political situation facing the protection of heritage. Government managers of submerged cultural resources find themselves between storm and calm on a nearly daily basis. We must balance a diverse set of problems, competing interests, and difficult decisions in response to an ever-increasing need to recognize and accommodate a wide range of appropriate uses. Managers use a variety of...

  • If You Are Not At the Table You Are On The Menu: How To Be An Advocate For Historical Archaeology In Today’s Political Environment (2018)
    DOCUMENT Citation Only Terry Klein.

    Given today’s political environment, we must all be advocates for historical archaeology. If we are not fully engaged in the political process, then we must live with the consequences resulting from our inaction. In this working session, you will learn the ins and outs of being an advocate for historical archaeology. After a review of the current threats to government-supported and mandated historical archaeology in the United States, we will break into small groups to discuss: How and where...

  • Straight from the Horse's Mouth: Understanding Public Archaeology from the Public (2018)
    DOCUMENT Citation Only Mary Furlong Minkoff.

    For the past two decades, archaeologists have worked to engage members of the public in archaeological research, preservation, and interpretation. Because of the huge variety in the types of publics engaged in these projects and the approaches of the archaeologists running them, we are continually refining our methods of public archaeology implementation, execution, and evaluation. Despite this variety, we rarely hear directly from program participants. For this panel we have invited public...

  • Sustainable Archaeology: The 2017 Estate Little Princess Archaeological Field School in St. Croix (2018)
    DOCUMENT Citation Only Justin Dunnavant.

    The Estate Little Princess Archaeological Field School (ELIPS) expands the practice of community-engaged archaeology to focus on sustainability and capacity building. Thus, we are concerned with not only including communities in the design, implementation, and dissemination of the research but specifically in training local youth in archaeological practice. The goal of this project has been to produce more Crucian archaeologists, develop student interest in STEM fields, and create cultural...

  • Underwater Archaeology Skills, Training, and Opportunities in U.S. Colleges: The 2017 ACUA University Benchmarking Survey (2018)
    DOCUMENT Citation Only Arlice Marionneaux.

    The Advisory Council on Underwater Archaeology developed a series of three Benchmarking Surveys to understand how students, professors, and employers perceive and prioritize "basic" underwater archaeological skills. The ACUA surveys are intended to guide students, faculty, and employers as new generations of archaeologists enter the profession. The second survey, completed in 2017, was directed to university faculty in the United States, and received fourteen responses from eight universities....