Upper Davidson Canyon Arizona Site Steward File


This is an Arizona Site Steward file for the Upper Davidson Canyon Archaeological District, located on Coronado National Forest land. The sites within the district contain Hohokam, Archaic, Historic, and possibly Paleo Indian cultural deposits. The sites are comprised of a wide variety of features and artifacts including village sites, pit houses, a corral, a historic house, agricultural features, resource extraction and production sites, hearths, and a roasting pit.

The file consists of a site data form, six maps of the site locations, National Register of Historic Places registration form, 29 archeological and historical site inventory forms with accompanying site maps, an Arizona State Museum site survey form with hand drawn site maps, and a list of three Upper Davidson areas registered with the Arizona State Museum. The earliest dated document is from 1976.

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Upper Davidson Canyon Arizona Site Steward File. Bill Gillespie, Shereen Lerner, Deni J. Seymour, Catherine M. Cameron, M. M. E., McClellan, Danziger. 1993 ( tDAR id: 401014) ; doi:10.6067/XCV8474CQ7


Archaic Historic Hohokam Paleo Indian?

Adobe Argillite Azurite Bison Bone Brick Brown Chert Brown Quartzite Brownware Buffware Building Materials Camel Ceramic Chalcedony Chert Chipped Stone Chrysocolla Dragoon Redware Earthenware Fauna Fossil Glass Gray Chert Ground Stone Mastodon Metal Mineral Papago Red-on-Brownware Papago Redware Purple Glass Quartz Quartzite Red-on-Brownware Red-on-Buffware Rhyolite Rillito Red-on-Brownware Rincon Red-on-Brownware Sacaton Red-on-Buffware Shell Yellow Chert Show More

Site Name
Anamax AR03-05-02-209 AR03-05-02-213 AR03-05-02-214 AR03-05-02-215 AR03-05-02-216 AR03-05-02-217 AR03-05-02-219 AR03-05-02-220 AR03-05-02-221 AR03-05-02-223 AR03-05-02-224 AR03-05-02-225 AR03-05-02-226 AR03-05-02-227 AR03-05-02-228 AR03-05-02-229 AR03-05-02-230 AR03-05-02-232 AR03-05-02-233 AR03-05-02-234 AR03-05-02-235 AR03-05-02-236 AR03-05-02-237 AR03-05-02-240 AR03-05-02-243 AR03-05-02-245 AR03-05-02-247 AR03-05-02-267 AR03-05-02-374 ASM AZ:EE:2:78 AZ:EE:2:78 AZ:EE:2:91 AZ:EE:2:94 AZ EE:2:91 (ASM) AZ EE:2:94 (ASM) M32-S1-L1 M40-S1-L1 M40-S2-L1 M41-S1-L1 M41-S2-L1 Upper Davidson Canyon Upper Davidson Canyon Archaeological District X31-S1-L2 X31-S3-L1 X31-S4-L1 X31-S5-L1 X32-S1-L2 X35-S2-L1 X40-S1-L1 X40-S2-L1 X40-S2-L2 X40-S3-L1 X40-S3-L2 X40-S4-L1 X40-S6-L1 X40-S6-L2 X40-S7-L1 X40-S7-L2 X43-S1-L1 X84-S1-L1 X84-S3-L1 X84-S4-L1 X84-S6-L1 X84-S7-L1 X85-S3-L2 Show More

Site Type
Adobe Foundation Agricultural Field or Field Feature Agricultural or Herding Archaeological Feature Artifact Scatter Barn? Brick Foundation Corral Domestic Structure or Architectural Complex Domestic Structures Foundation Hamlet / Village Hearth House Hunting / Trapping Lithic Scatter Pit Pit House Pit House / Earth Lodge Plant Processing Site Quarry Resource Extraction / Production / Transportation Structure or Features Roasting Pit Roasting Pit / Oven / Horno Rock Alignment Rock Cluster Settlements Sherd Scatter Village Show More

Temporal Coverage

Calendar Date: 1870 to 1920 (Date range of historic artifacts.)

Calendar Date: -8500 to -300 (Period of Archaic site use.)

Calendar Date: 700 to 1200 (Period of greatest intensity site use.)

Spatial Coverage

min long: -110.992; min lat: 31.34 ; max long: -110.338; max lat: 32.003 ;

Individual & Institutional Roles

Contact(s): Arizona State Parks

Contributor(s): Arizona State Museum

Landowner(s): U. S. Forest Service

Prepared By(s): Arizona State Parks

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Project Name(s): ANAMAX; ARP

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