A Design for Salado Research

Part of the Roosevelt Platform Mound Study project

Editor(s): Glen Rice

Year: 1990


The Roosevelt Platform Mound Study (RPMS) was one of three mitigative data recovery studies that the Bureau of Reclamation funded to investigate the prehistory of the Tonto Basin in the vicinity of Theodore Roosevelt Dam. The series of investigations constituted Reclamation's program for complying with historic preservation legislation as it applied to the raising and modification of Theodore Roosevelt Dam. Reclamation contracted with the Arizona State University Office of Cultural Resource Management (OCRM) to complete the research for this investigation.

The RPMS was an eight year archaeological research project that began in April 1989. It focused on sites of the Salado period, especially on platform mounds and the residential compounds clustered around the mounds. The study examined sites within four archaeological site complexes: the Pinto Creek Complex, the Rock Island Complex, the Uplands Complex, and the Cline Terrace Complex. The Pinto Creek complex was further subdivided into management groups: the Livingston Management Group and the Schoolhouse Management Group.

This volume is the research design for the Roosevelt Platform Mound Study. It describes the models, methods, techniques and strategies that guided implementation of the study, and conveys the enthusiasm with which the project staff approached the research.

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A Design for Salado Research, Anthropological Field Studies 22. Glen Rice. Roosevelt Monograph Series ,1. Tempe, Arizona: Office of Cultural Research Management, Arizona State University. 1990 ( tDAR id: 380996) ; doi:10.6067/XCV8TB17R9


Ancestral Puebloan Hohokam Salado

Ceramic Chipped Stone Fauna Ground Stone Human Remains Macrobotanical Pollen Shell

Site Name
AR-03-12-06-1007(USFS) AR-03-12-06-1011(USFS) AR-03-12-06-1012(USFS) AR-03-12-06-1013(USFS) AR-03-12-06-1015(USFS) AR-03-12-06-106(USFS) AR-03-12-06-107(USFS) AR-03-12-06-11(USFS) AR-03-12-06-12(USFS) AR-03-12-06-132(USFS) AR-03-12-06-135(USFS) AR-03-12-06-13a(USFS) AR-03-12-06-13b(USFS) AR-03-12-06-13c(USFS) AR-03-12-06-13d(USFS) AR-03-12-06-13e(USFS) AR-03-12-06-13f(USFS) AR-03-12-06-13g(USFS) AR-03-12-06-144(USFS) AR-03-12-06-1443(USFS) AR-03-12-06-1447(USFS) AR-03-12-06-1453(USFS) AR-03-12-06-1454(USFS) AR-03-12-06-146(USFS) AR-03-12-06-1470(USFS) AR-03-12-06-14a(USFS) AR-03-12-06-14b(USFS) AR-03-12-06-14c(USFS) AR-03-12-06-14d(USFS) AR-03-12-06-15a(USFS) AR-03-12-06-15b(USFS) AR-03-12-06-1608(USFS) AR-03-12-06-164(USFS) AR-03-12-06-1765(USFS) AR-03-12-06-177(USFS) AR-03-12-06-1773(USFS) AR-03-12-06-1774(USFS) AR-03-12-06-1775(USFS) AR-03-12-06-1776(USFS) AR-03-12-06-1777(USFS) AR-03-12-06-1778(USFS) AR-03-12-06-1779(USFS) AR-03-12-06-1780(USFS) AR-03-12-06-1781(USFS) AR-03-12-06-1782(USFS) AR-03-12-06-1783(USFS) AR-03-12-06-1784(USFS) AR-03-12-06-1785(USFS) AR-03-12-06-1791(USFS) AR-03-12-06-1792(USFS) AR-03-12-06-1806(USFS) AR-03-12-06-1815(USFS) AR-03-12-06-1816(USFS) AR-03-12-06-1817(USFS) AR-03-12-06-1818(USFS) AR-03-12-06-1819(USFS) AR-03-12-06-1820(USFS) AR-03-12-06-1841(USFS) AR-03-12-06-1842(USFS) AR-03-12-06-1843(USFS) AR-03-12-06-1844(USFS) AR-03-12-06-1845(USFS) AR-03-12-06-1846(USFS) AR-03-12-06-1847(USFS) AR-03-12-06-1848(USFS) AR-03-12-06-1849(USFS) AR-03-12-06-1863(USFS) AR-03-12-06-1864(USFS) AR-03-12-06-1865(USFS) AR-03-12-06-1866(USFS) AR-03-12-06-1867(USFS) AR-03-12-06-1868(USFS) AR-03-12-06-1869(USFS) AR-03-12-06-1880(USFS) AR-03-12-06-2155(USFS) AR-03-12-06-2255(USFS) AR-03-12-06-2256(USFS) AR-03-12-06-2257(USFS) AR-03-12-06-2288(USFS) AR-03-12-06-2289(USFS) AR-03-12-06-2290(USFS) AR-03-12-06-293(USFS) AR-03-12-06-294(USFS) AR-03-12-06-295(USFS) AR-03-12-06-296a(USFS) AR-03-12-06-296b(USFS) AR-03-12-06-296c(USFS) AR-03-12-06-339(USFS) AR-03-12-06-340(USFS) AR-03-12-06-388(USFS) AR-03-12-06-52(USFS) AR-03-12-06-700(USFS) AR-03-12-06-756(USFS) AR-03-12-06-758(USFS) AR-03-12-06-761(USFS) AR-03-12-06-762(USFS) AR-03-12-06-763(USFS) AR-03-12-06-767(USFS) AR-03-12-06-768(USFS) AR-03-12-06-769(USFS) AR-03-12-06-770(USFS) AR-03-12-06-779(USFS) AR-03-12-06-780(USFS) AR-03-12-06-783(USFS) AR-03-12-06-785(USFS) AR-03-12-06-786(USFS) AR-03-12-06-788(USFS) AR-03-12-06-790(USFS) AR-03-12-06-795(USFS) AR-03-12-06-796(USFS) AR-03-12-06-798(USFS) AR-03-12-06-800(USFS) AR-03-12-06-802(USFS) AR-03-12-06-809(USFS) AR-03-12-06-810(USFS) AR-03-12-06-811(USFS) AR-03-12-06-819(USFS) AR-03-12-06-862(USFS) AR-03-12-06-863(USFS) AR-03-12-06-922(USFS) AR-03-12-06-924(USFS) AR-03-12-06-925(USFS) AR-03-12-06-967(USFS) AR-03-12-06-970(USFS) AR-03-12-06-993(USFS) AR-03-12-06-994(USFS) AR-03-12-06-995(USFS) AR-03-12-06-997(USFS) AR-03-12-06-998(USFS) AR-03-12-06-999(USFS) AZ U:3:121(ASM) AZ U:3:127(ASM) AZ U:3:128(ASM) AZ U:3:131(ASM) AZ U:3:132(ASM) AZ U:3:133(ASM) AZ U:3:137(ASM) AZ U:3:138(ASM) AZ U:3:139(ASM) AZ U:3:140(ASM) AZ U:3:180(ASM) AZ U:3:198(ASM) AZ U:3:199(ASM) AZ U:3:200 (ASM) AZ U:3:201(ASM) AZ U:3:202(ASM) AZ U:3:203(ASM) AZ U:3:204(ASM) AZ U:3:205(ASM) AZ U:3:206(ASM) AZ U:3:212(ASM) AZ U:3:213(ASM) AZ U:3:214(ASM) AZ U:3:215(ASM) AZ U:3:216(ASM) AZ U:3:217(ASM) AZ U:3:218(ASM) AZ U:3:220(ASM) AZ U:4:10(ASM) AZ U:4:100(ASM) AZ U:4:101(ASM) AZ U:4:102(ASM) AZ U:4:11(ASM) AZ U:4:12(ASM) AZ U:4:124(ASM) AZ U:4:13(ASM) AZ U:4:29(ASM) AZ U:4:3(ASM) AZ U:4:30(ASM) AZ U:4:32(ASM) AZ U:4:33(ASM) AZ U:4:35(ASM) AZ U:4:37(ASM) AZ U:4:39(ASM) AZ U:4:4(ASM) AZ U:4:47(ASM) AZ U:4:48(ASM) AZ U:4:5(ASM) AZ U:4:50(ASM) AZ U:4:52(ASM) AZ U:4:54(ASM) AZ U:4:60(ASM) AZ U:4:61(ASM) AZ U:4:62(ASM) AZ U:4:7(ASM) AZ U:4:75(ASM) AZ U:4:76(ASM) AZ U:4:77(ASM) AZ U:4:78(ASM) AZ U:4:8(ASM) AZ U:4:84(ASM) AZ U:4:85(ASM) AZ U:4:86(ASM) AZ U:4:87(ASM) AZ U:4:88(ASM) AZ U:4:89(ASM) AZ U:4:9(ASM) AZ U:4:90(ASM) AZ 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Casa Bandolero Cline Terrace Mound Indian Point Ruin Pinto Point Mound Saguaro Muerto Sand Dune Schoolhouse Point Mound Show More

Site Type
Agricultural Field or Field Feature Ancient Earthwork Ancient Structure Animal Inhumation Archaeological Feature Artifact Scatter Cobble Room Block Compound Domestic Structure or Architectural Complex Domestic Structures Field House Funerary and Burial Structures or Features Hamlet / Village Midden Non-Domestic Structures Petroglyph Pit House / Earth Lodge Platform Mound Plaza Roasting Pit / Oven / Horno Room Block / Compound / Pueblo Settlements Sheet Midden Storage facilities Storage Pit Trash Midden

Spatial Coverage

min long: -111.368; min lat: 33.615 ; max long: -110.927; max lat: 34.042 ;

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Bureau of Reclamation Contract No.(s): 9-CS-32-06230

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