Photolog for the Photos from the Relocation, Reassessment, and Remapping of 74 Archaeological Sites Located Along Reaches 3, 4, and 5 of the Tucson Aqueduct (Phase B)


The Phoenix Area Office (PXAO), Bureau of Reclamation (Reclamation), has developed an archaeological site database for the Central Arizona Project (CAP) main stem canal. The current data is based on data resulting from Class III surveys conducted in the 1970s and 1980s prior to the canal’s construction.

To assist in checking the accuracy of its site database, Reclamation requested that Archaeological Consulting Services, Ltd. (ACS) revisit 74 sites that had been identified in Reaches 3, 4, and 5 of the Tucson Aqueduct Phase B corridor.

This documents the photos taken during this assessment.

The photos can be found at tDAR ID: 393764.

The report can be found at tDAR ID: 393762.

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Photolog for the Photos from the Relocation, Reassessment, and Remapping of 74 Archaeological Sites Located Along Reaches 3, 4, and 5 of the Tucson Aqueduct (Phase B). Archaeological Consulting Services, Ltd.. 2013 ( tDAR id: 393763) ; doi:10.6067/XCV87M092B


Archaic Historic Hohokam

Ceramic Chipped Stone Fauna Fire Cracked Rock Glass Ground Stone Metal Shell

Site Name
AZ AA:11:125(ASM) AZ AA:11:26(ASM) AZ AA:11:29(ASM) AZ AA:12:209(ASM) AZ AA:12:325(ASM) AZ AA:12:329(ASM) AZ AA:12:330(ASM) AZ AA:12:331(ASM) AZ AA:12:353(ASM) AZ AA:12:354(ASM) AZ AA:12:355(ASM) AZ AA:12:356(ASM) AZ AA:12:357(ASM) AZ AA:12:358(ASM) AZ AA:12:359(ASM) AZ AA:12:360 (ASM) AZ AA:12:361(ASM) AZ AA:12:362(ASM) AZ AA:12:364(ASM) AZ AA:12:365(ASM) AZ AA:12:366(ASM) AZ AA:12:367(ASM) AZ AA:12:368(ASM) AZ AA:12:383(ASM) AZ AA:12:384(ASM) AZ AA:12:385(ASM) AZ AA:12:452(ASM) AZ AA:12:453(ASM) AZ AA:12:454(ASM) AZ AA:12:456(ASM) AZ AA:12:457(ASM) AZ AA:12:458(ASM) AZ AA:12:460(ASM) AZ AA:12:461(ASM) AZ AA:12:462(ASM) AZ AA:12:463(ASM) AZ AA:12:464(ASM) AZ AA:12:465(ASM) AZ AA:12:466(ASM) AZ AA:12:480(ASM) AZ AA:12:481(ASM) AZ AA:12:482(ASM) AZ AA:12:483(ASM) AZ AA:12:484(ASM) AZ AA:12:485(ASM) AZ AA:12:520(ASM) AZ AA:12:536(ASM) AZ AA:12:564(ASM) AZ AA:12:576(ASM) AZ AA:12:577(ASM) AZ AA:12:579(ASM) AZ AA:12:624(ASM) AZ AA:12:644(ASM) AZ AA:12:645(ASM) AZ AA:16:106(ASM) AZ AA:16:157(ASM) AZ AA:16:158(ASM) AZ AA:16:159(ASM) AZ AA:16:160(ASM) AZ AA:16:161(ASM) AZ AA:16:162(ASM) AZ AA:16:163(ASM) AZ AA:16:164(ASM) AZ AA:16:165(ASM) AZ AA:16:174(ASM) AZ AA:16:175(ASM) AZ AA:16:304(ASM) AZ AA:16:305(ASM) AZ AA:16:306(ASM) AZ AA:16:307(ASM) AZ AA:16:309(ASM) AZ AA:16:311(ASM) AZ AA:16:94(ASM) AZ AA:16:95(ASM) AZ AA:16:96(ASM) AZ AA:16:97(ASM) Fastimes Hawk's Nest site Muchas Casas Rancho Bajo Rancho Derrio The Fence site Water World Show More

Site Type
Ancient Structure Artifact Scatter Ball Court Cairn Canal or Canal Feature Encampment Funerary and Burial Structures or Features Hamlet / Village Hearth House Isolated Artifact Kiln Midden Mound / Earthwork Pit Pit House / Earth Lodge Quarry Roasting Pit / Oven / Horno Rock Alignment Terrace Trash Midden Water Control Feature

Temporal Coverage

Calendar Date: 300 to 1950

Spatial Coverage

min long: -111.354; min lat: 32.255 ; max long: -111.107; max lat: 32.606 ;

Record Identifiers

Bureau of Reclamation Delivery Order No.(s): R12PB32032

ACS Project No.(s): 12-242-CSUR

General Services Administration Contract No.(s): GS10F0224P

ASM Accession No.(s): 2012-0541

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