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Archaeological Survey of the Schoolhouse Point, Cottonwood Wash, and Indian Point Parcels Around Roosevelt Lake, Tonto Basin Ranger District, Tonto National Forest, Gila County, Arizona

Author(s): Robert B. Neily

Year: 1992

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Archaeological Consulting Services, Ltd. (ACS) conducted an intensive Class III survey of five parcels located around Roosevelt Lake in the Tonto Basin Ranger District, Tonto National Forest. The project was conducted at the request of the Arizona Project Office, Bureau of Reclamation (BOR) to identify and evaluate all cultural properties that might be impacted by planned construction activities in these parcels. This report presents the results of the survey of the Schoolhouse Point, Cottonwood Wash, and Indian Point parcels. The report on the survey of the remaining two parcels can be found at tDAR ID: 393773.

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Archaeological Survey of the Schoolhouse Point, Cottonwood Wash, and Indian Point Parcels Around Roosevelt Lake, Tonto Basin Ranger District, Tonto National Forest, Gila County, Arizona. Robert B. Neily. Tempe, Arizona: Archaeological Consulting Services, Ltd. 1992 ( tDAR id: 393774) ; doi:10.6067/XCV8VD70F5


Euroamerican Hohokam

Ceramic Chipped Stone Fire Cracked Rock Glass Ground Stone

Site Name
AR-03-12-05-604(USFS) AR-03-12-06-1022(USFS) AR-03-12-06-1023(USFS) AR-03-12-06-122(USFS) AR-03-12-06-1442(USFS) AR-03-12-06-1475(USFS) AR-03-12-06-1551(USFS) AR-03-12-06-1634(USFS) AR-03-12-06-1875(USFS) AR-03-12-06-195(USFS) AR-03-12-06-196(USFS) AR-03-12-06-2102(USFS) AR-03-12-06-2103(USFS) AR-03-12-06-2104(USFS) AR-03-12-06-2105(USFS) AR-03-12-06-2106(USFS) AR-03-12-06-2107(USFS) AR-03-12-06-2124(USFS) AR-03-12-06-2125(USFS) AR-03-12-06-2126(USFS) AR-03-12-06-2127(USFS) AR-03-12-06-2128(USFS) AR-03-12-06-2129(USFS) AR-03-12-06-2130(USFS) AR-03-12-06-2131(USFS) AR-03-12-06-2132(USFS) AR-03-12-06-2145(USFS) AR-03-12-06-2146(USFS) AR-03-12-06-2147(USFS) AR-03-12-06-2148(USFS) AR-03-12-06-2149(USFS) AR-03-12-06-2150(USFS) AR-03-12-06-2151(USFS) AR-03-12-06-2152(USFS) AR-03-12-06-2153(USFS) AR-03-12-06-2154(USFS) AR-03-12-06-2155(USFS) AR-03-12-06-2156(USFS) AR-03-12-06-2157(USFS) AR-03-12-06-2158(USFS) AR-03-12-06-2159(USFS) AR-03-12-06-2160(USFS) AR-03-12-06-2161(USFS) AR-03-12-06-2163(USFS) AR-03-12-06-2164(USFS) AR-03-12-06-2165(USFS) AR-03-12-06-2166(USFS) AR-03-12-06-2167(USFS) AR-03-12-06-2168(USFS) AR-03-12-06-2169(USFS) AR-03-12-06-2170(USFS) AR-03-12-06-2171(USFS) AR-03-12-06-2172(USFS) AR-03-12-06-2173(USFS) AR-03-12-06-2174(USFS) AR-03-12-06-2175(USFS) AR-03-12-06-2176(USFS) AR-03-12-06-2177(USFS) AR-03-12-06-2178(USFS) AR-03-12-06-2179(USFS) AR-03-12-06-2180(USFS) AR-03-12-06-2181(USFS) AR-03-12-06-2182(USFS) AR-03-12-06-2183(USFS) AR-03-12-06-2184(USFS) AR-03-12-06-2185(USFS) AR-03-12-06-2186(USFS) AR-03-12-06-2187(USFS) AR-03-12-06-2188(USFS) AR-03-12-06-2189(USFS) AR-03-12-06-2190(USFS) AR-03-12-06-2191(USFS) AR-03-12-06-2192(USFS) AR-03-12-06-2205(USFS) AR-03-12-06-2206(USFS) AR-03-12-06-456(USFS) AR-03-12-06-460(USFS) AR-03-12-06-461(USFS) AR-03-12-06-462(USFS) AR-03-12-06-463(USFS) AR-03-12-06-464(USFS) AR-03-12-06-802(USFS) AR-03-12-06-818(USFS) AR-03-12-06-917(USFS) AR-03-12-06-919(USFS) AR-03-12-06-923(USFS) AR-03-12-06-926(USFS) AR-03-12-06-934(USFS) AR-03-12-06-965(USFS) AR-03-12-06-966(USFS) AR-03-12-06-967(USFS) AR-03-12-6-2162(USFS) AZ U:4:120(ASM) AZ U:4:127(ASM) AZ U:4:128(ASM) AZ U:4:129(ASM) AZ U:4:130(ASM) AZ U:4:131(ASM) AZ U:4:132(ASM) AZ U:4:133(ASM) AZ U:4:134(ASM) AZ U:4:135(ASM) AZ U:4:136(ASM) AZ U:4:137(ASM) AZ U:4:138(ASM) AZ U:4:139(ASM) AZ U:4:140(ASM) AZ U:4:141(ASM) AZ U:4:142(ASM) AZ U:4:143(ASM) AZ U:4:144(ASM) AZ U:4:145(ASM) AZ U:4:146(ASM) AZ U:4:147(ASM) AZ U:4:148(ASM) AZ U:4:149(ASM) AZ U:4:150(ASM) AZ U:4:151(ASM) AZ U:4:152(ASM) AZ U:4:153(ASM) AZ U:4:154(ASM) AZ U:4:155(ASM) AZ U:4:156(ASM) AZ U:4:157(ASM) AZ U:4:158(ASM) AZ U:8:178(ASM) AZ U:8:188(ASM) AZ U:8:388(ASM) AZ U:8:549(ASM) AZ U:8:550(ASM) AZ U:8:551(ASM) AZ U:8:552(ASM) AZ U:8:553(ASM) AZ U:8:554(ASM) AZ U:8:555(ASM) AZ U:8:556(ASM) AZ U:8:557(ASM) AZ U:8:558(ASM) AZ U:8:559(ASM) AZ U:8:560(ASM) AZ U:8:561(ASM) AZ U:8:562(ASM) AZ U:8:563(ASM) AZ U:8:564(ASM) AZ U:8:565(ASM) AZ U:8:566(ASM) AZ U:8:567(ASM) AZ U:8:568(ASM) AZ U:8:569(ASM) AZ U:8:570(ASM) AZ U:8:571(ASM) AZ U:8:572(ASM) AZ U:8:573(ASM) AZ U:8:574(ASM) AZ U:8:575(ASM) AZ U:8:576(ASM) AZ U:8:577(ASM) AZ U:8:578(ASM) AZ U:8:579(ASM) AZ U:8:580(ASM) AZ U:8:581(ASM) AZ U:8:582(ASM) AZ U:8:583(ASM) AZ U:8:584(ASM) AZ U:8:585(ASM) AZ U:8:587(ASM) AZ U:8:588(ASM) AZ U:8:90(ASM) AZ V:5:179(ASM) AZ V:5:180(ASM) AZ V:5:181(ASM) AZ V:5:182(ASM) AZ V:5:183(ASM) AZ V:5:184(ASM) AZ V:5:185(ASM) AZ V:5:186(ASM) AZ V:5:187(ASM) AZ V:5:188(ASM) AZ V:5:189(ASM) AZ V:5:190(ASM) AZ V:5:191(ASM) AZ V:5:83(ASM) AZ V:5:84(ASM) AZ V:5:85(ASM)

Site Type
Agricultural Field or Field Feature Artifact Scatter Canal or Canal Feature Checkdam Encampment Hamlet / Village House Isolated Artifact Isolated Feature Quarry Roasting Pit / Oven / Horno Rock Alignment Trash Midden Water Control Feature

Investigation Types
Reconnaissance / Survey

Geographic Keywords
Roosevelt Lake Tonto National Forest

Temporal Keywords
Anglo/Historic Classic Hohokam Salado

Spatial Coverage

min long: -111.261; min lat: 33.599 ; max long: -110.916; max lat: 33.787 ;

Individual & Institutional Roles

Contact(s): Bureau of Reclamation, Phoenix Area Office

Sponsor(s): USDI Bureau of Reclamation, Phoenix Area Office

Prepared By(s): Archaeological Consulting Services, Ltd.

Submitted To(s): USDI Bureau of Reclamation, Phoenix Area Office

Record Identifiers

ACS Project No.(s): 92-305

Bureau of Reclamation Contract No.(s): 1425-2-CS-32-01820

File Information

  Name Size Creation Date Date Uploaded Access
report_no_70.pdf 8.54mb Sep 8, 2014 2:50:59 PM Confidential

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Contact(s): Bureau of Reclamation, Phoenix Area Office

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