Roosevelt Platform Mound Study: Rock Island Complex

Part of: Roosevelt Platform Mound Study

This collection contains the report and data sets related to four sites located roughly in the center of the Tonto Basin, sites that are part of what is referred to collectively as the Rock Island Complex.This complex is at the confluence of Tonto Creek and the Salt River. Although the waters of Roosevelt Lake, a man-made reservoir, have created islands in this area, none of these sites were on islands in the prehistoric past. Most of the reporting and data describe the Bass Point platform mound site, U:8:23/177, located at Bass Point on the southernmost portion of Rock Island. One other site is also located on Bass Point; U:8:391/970 on its northern end is a single structure. Site U:8:392/862 is a broad area of petroglyphs on Bass Point, as well as to the west on the main part of Rock Island. The fourth site, U:8:400/863, has a room block and is situated on what is now a small island west of Rock Island and south of Rabbit Island.