SRP Kyrene Generating Station

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  • Archaeological Monitoring of the Construction and Modification of Fuel Oil Dikes at the Kyrene Generating Station, Maricopa County, Arizona (1979)
    DOCUMENT Full-Text Edward M. Fortier.

    Between January 22 and February 9, 1979, Edward M. Fortier of Archaeological Research Services completed six days of archaeological monitoring of a fuel dike construction project at the Salt River Project Kyrene Generating Station. The construction area consists of a parcel of land 1080 ft. east-west by 480 ft. north-south in size. Two fuel oil tanks are located within this fenced parcel. This monitoring project was performed on behalf of Salt River Project, Phoenix, Arizona, in order to...

  • Cultural Resources Survey and Monitoring for a Salt River Project Sanitary Sewer Line Construction Project at the Kyrene Steam Plant, Tempe, Maricopa County, Arizona (1986)
    DOCUMENT Full-Text Lyle M. Stone.

    On March 3 and 4, 1986, Lyle M. Stone and Daniel R. Bontrager of Archaeological Research Service, Inc. (ARS), performed archaeological survey and monitoring for a sanitary sewer line construction project at the Salt River Project Kyrene Steam Plant in Tempe, Maricopa County, Arizona. The construction project on Salt River Project-owned land involved excavation of an approximately 1150 ft long by 2 ft wide trench within a 10 ft wide right-of-way parallel. The purpose of this survey, requested...

  • Plan of Work: Los Guanacos, Elliot/Kyrene Locus, Tempe, Arizona (1992)
    DOCUMENT Full-Text Northland Research, Inc..

    Northland Research, Inc. (Northland) prepared this research proposal in response to a request from Judy Brunson of Salt River Project (SRP) for archaeological investigations of a portion of AZ U:9:116(ASM), also known as Los Guanacos (other designations include AZ U:9:41[ASU], AZ U:9:71[ASU], and Alta Vista). The project area consists of the proposed site of the SRP Central Support Complex in Tempe, Arizona. Archaeological Research Services (ARS) conducted archaeological testing of this...

  • Archaeological Testing Plan for Salt River Project Kyrene Expansion Project (2000)
    DOCUMENT Full-Text Ellen C. Ruble.

    This document presents an archaeological testing plan for the Salt River Project's Kyrene Expansion located in Tempe, Arizona. Prior to the construction a new generating station, Salt River Project has requested that archaeological testing be conducted. The purpose of testing is to determine if buried cultural resources are present, and, if they are found, to evaluate them in terms of their preservation, extent, and potential to yield information that can contribute to existing knowledge of the...