Visualization Tools for 3D Modeling Archaeological Sites and Artifacts

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  • 3D Digitization of Archaeological Artifatcts in Conservation (2016)
    DOCUMENT Citation Only Christopher Dostal.

    At the Conservation Research Laboratory at Texas A&M University, recent projects have all implemented some form of 3D modeling of artifacts as part of the documentation process for either before treatment, after treatment, or both.  The logistics of the implementation of 3D modeling as a standard documentation technique for every artifact in a collection can be daunting, especially when dealing with untreated waterlogged artifacts that must remain wet before conservation. This paper discusses...

  • The Aura of Things: Locating Authenticity and the Power of Objects (2016)
    DOCUMENT Citation Only Benjamin Skolnik.

    This paper is about authenticity and the aura, the authority and power of the physical object, historicity and the persistence of the past, and alternatives to scientific archaeology.  It is about science fiction, 20th century theorists, 21st century technology, and contemporary landscapes.  This paper examines concepts of authenticity and reproduction and how material culture is used in Philip K. Dick’s Hugo award-winning 1962 novel "The Man in the High Castle" as well as in Walter Benjamin’s...

  • Can A Picture Save A Thousand Ships?: Using 3D Photogrammetry To Streamline Maritime Archaeological Recordation And Modeling (2016)
    DOCUMENT Citation Only Christopher P. Morris.

    In the wake of Superstorm Sandy, massive multi-agency infrastructure projects were undertaken along the Atlantic seaboard to repair the damage. Such projects can have a disastrous effect upon historic resources long since buried. During a large-scale seawall project in Brick Township, NJ, ship timbers, planks, fittings, fastenings, and structural elements were pried from their sites by construction equipment, moved before being stockpiled, and the hole backfilled with sand. This was prior to it...

  • The Egadi 10 Warship: From Excavation To Exhibition (2016)
    DOCUMENT Citation Only Mateusz Polakowski.

    The warships that took part in the Battle of the Egadi Islands (241 BC) have been investigated for over 10 years. The Egadi Islands Survey Project, a joint project of the Soprintendenza del Mare - Sicily and RPM Nautical Foundation aims to survey and excavate the battle site in order to better understand the events that took place at the Egadi Islands Battle. Interdisciplinary research and new technologies have allowed these studies to pursue new areas of inquiry previously unavailable....

  • Reconstruction of the Pillar Dollar Wreck, BIscayne National Park, Florida (2016)
    DOCUMENT Citation Only William L Fleming.

    The PIllar Dollar wreck is well-known to treasure salvors and looters, but has only recently been investigated in an archaeological sense. East Carolina University's Program in Maritime Studies conducted an excavation of the site for the Program's 2014 Fall Field School in September. With the knowledge garnered from that project, as well as previous condition reports and treasure salvor guides, this project aims to reconstruct the vessel and learn about its origins and use. The final result will...

  • ROV-Based 3D Modeling Efforts on a Submerged WWII Aircraft for Museum Display (2016)
    DOCUMENT Citation Only Megan Lickliter-Mundon. Bridget Buxton.

    In 1944, factory workers and community members from Tulsa, OK bought war bonds to finance the last B-24 Liberator built by the Tulsa Douglas Aircraft plant. They named her, wrote signatures and messages on her fuselage, and sent her to Europe with a part Tulsa crew. She went down off the coast of Croatia after a bombing mission but was never forgotten as a WWII community icon. Archaeologists are now in the process of preserving the cultural heritage and physical remains of the site, as well...