Society for American Archaeology 84th Annual Meeting, Albuquerque, NM (2019)

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This collection contains the abstracts from the 2019 annual meeting of the Society for American Archaeology. Most files in this collection contain the abstract only. The Annual Meeting of the Society for American Archaeology provides a forum for the dissemination of knowledge and discussion. The 84th Annual Meeting was held in Albuquerque, NM from April 10-14, 2019.

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  1. 100 Years Later: Georeferencing Early Maps and Present Day Field Work at the Site of Nuri, Sudan (2019)
  2. 1000 Years of Small Bird Capture in NW Greenland (2019)
  3. 10th Century BC Novelties in the Central Part of Southern Caucasus (2019)
  4. 18th to 20th Century Architectural Changes of Embudo’s Torreon (2019)
  5. A 2000-Year-Old Family: Interpreting Site Structure and Human Behaviors at the Swan Point Site, Interior Alaska (2019)
  6. 24 Years Down & 24 to Go: Lessons Learned and New Research Directions for the Gunnison Basin (CO)-based Rocky Mountain Paleoindian Research Program (2019)
  7. 350 Years after the Conquest: British Influences on a Multiethnic Refugee Maya Community (2019)
  8. A 3D Geometric Morphometric Comparison of Bone Surface Modifications on Proboscidean Assemblages from the Western Great Lakes (2019)
  9. 3D or 2-1/2D? Comparing 3D Photogrammetry And Reflectance Transformation Imaging (2019)
  10. 3D Photogrammetry and Woodland Mud Glyphs from 19th Unnamed Cave, Alabama (2019)
  11. 3D Reconstruction of Early Spanish Colonial Hybrid Ceramics from Ciudad Vieja, El Salvador (2019)
  12. ’77 to ’17: Re-investigating the Perimeter of St. Catherines Island after Four Decades (2019)
  13. About Peopling and Rivers: Connections and Boundaries in the Early Peopling of Eastern South America (2019)
  14. Absent and Present: Contested Landscapes and Undocumented Migration at the U.S.-Mexico Border (2019)
  15. Access to Information: The Case of Birch Island (2019)
  16. Accidental Innovation? Using Isotopic Analysis to Test Possible Iron Production as a By-Product of Advanced Copper Smelting (2019)
  17. Accountability as Litmus: The Work of Partnership in Collaborative Archaeology (2019)
  18. An Acorn in the Hand Is Worth Two in the Granary: The Effect of Decay Rates on Food Storage Preferences in Prehistoric California (2019)
  19. Across Boundaries: Origin of Microblade Technology in NE Asia under a Macroecological Approach (2019)
  20. The Active Materiality of Obsidian (2019)
  21. Adapting Project Archaeology Curriculum in Southern New Mexico (2019)
  22. Adaptive Approaches to the Thingness of Institutional Datasets: A View from North Carolina (2019)
  23. Adaptive Pastoralism and Climate Change in the Irish Chalcolithic – Early Bronze Age: Adding Evidence from Termon, Co. Clare (2019)
  24. Adding Navigating Capabilities to a Deterministic Computer Model of Ocean Voyaging (2019)
  25. Addressing Objects in Limbo: Using Digital Resources to Increase Access to Native American Material Culture (2019)
  26. Addressing the Inevitable: Site Preservation Efforts in the Face of Global Climate Change (2019)
  27. Advances in Mineral Characterization of the Late Horizon Pottery from Incahuasi, Cañete (2019)
  28. Advances in the Study Archaeological Ceramics of the Epiclassic-Early Postclassic Basin of Mexico (2019)
  29. Adventures of the Mountain Hare: An Ancient DNA Study (2019)
  30. Affording Archaeology: How the Cost of Field School Keeps Archaeology Exclusive (2019)
  31. After Dark: The Nocturnal Urban Landscape of Great Zimbabwe (2019)
  32. After the Ice Age in the Ozarks (2019)
  33. The Afterlife of the Discovery of a Lifetime: Preservation of the Maya Murals of San Bartolo, Guatemala (2019)
  34. Agave Bloom Stalk Ovens in the Southern Chihuahuan Desert (2019)
  35. Agave Roasting Pits of the Mescalero Apache (2019)
  36. An Agent-Based Disaster Model: Marginality, Decision-Making, and Novel Resource Exploitation during ENSO Flooding Events in Chicama, Peru (2019)
  37. The Ages of Stemmed and Fluted Points in the Northwestern Plains and Rocky Mountains (2019)
  38. The Agricultural Lexicon of Western Indo-European: Crop Names (2019)
  39. Agricultural Practices in the Atacama Desert (Northern Chile): New Perspectives from Stable Isotope Analysis on Archaeological Crops (2019)
  40. Agricultural Wealth, Food Storage, and Commensal Politics at Azoria an Archaic City on Crete (2019)
  41. Agriculture and Landscape Change in the Tesuque Valley (2019)
  42. An Agroecological Perspective on Crop Domestication in Western Asia (2019)
  43. Aguada Fénix: An Early Middle Preclassic Monumental Site in the Middle Usumacinta Region (2019)
  44. Akimel O’Odham Traditional Knowledge Regarding Platform Mounds (2019)
  45. Alaskan Legacy Collections Outside Alaska: Challenges, Opportunities and Potential (2019)
  46. Algonquian Landscapes and Multispecies Archaeology in the Chesapeake (2019)
  47. All for Drone and Drone for Free: A Free and/or Open-Source Workflow for UAV Imagery Collection and Analysis (2019)
  48. All in a Day’s Work: The Health and Welfare of Children Living in 19th Century Staffordshire, UK (2019)
  49. All Roads Lead to the Verapaz: The Northern Highlands as a Nexus of Classic Period Exchange (2019)
  50. The Allegory of Xibalba: Confronting Shadowy Realities in the ancient Maya Underworld (2019)
  51. Alliance Formation & Social Signaling: Village Interaction among the Monongahela (2019)
  52. Ally, Client or Outpost? Examining the Relationship between Xunantunich and Naranjo in the Late Classic Period (2019)
  53. Alm Shelter: A Preliminary Report on a Deeply Stratified Rockshelter in the Bighorn Mountains of Wyoming (2019)
  54. Altered States: Evaluating Postmortem Modification of Dental Tissues (2019)
  55. An Alternative Explanation for a Modified Rabbit Innominate Spatulate Tool (2019)
  56. Alternative Interpretive Lenses for Landscape at Mulch’en Witz, La Milpa, Belize (2019)
  57. Alternative Mexico: A Mobile Application for the Preservation of Mexico's Heritage (2019)
  58. An Alternative Pattern of Coalescence: A Study of Architecture and Organization at a Non-fortified, Pre-Inca Town in the Southern Highlands of Peru (2019)
  59. Alternative Recipes: Exploring the Diversity of Foods Prepared in Prehistoric Earth Oven Cooking (2019)
  60. Always Changed But Never Gone: A Century of Farming in Southeastern Massachusetts. (2019)
  61. Amazonia as a Perpetual Elsewhere: The Possible and the Permissible in "Natural" Landscapes (2019)
  62. Amber Runs through It: The Centralization of Wealth and Power in Late Prehistoric Lika, Croatia (2019)
  63. Ambrose Bierce’s Indian Inscriptions: Biographic Art Along the Bozeman Trail (2019)
  64. American Periphery, Sonoran Heartland: Recent Archaeological Explorations of Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument (2019)
  65. American Spaces, Irish Places: Assessing Three Urban Communities in 19th Century Irish-America (2019)
  66. Amino Acid d13C Analysis of Ancient Marine Consumers Quantifies Environmental Change in a Nearshore Ecosystem through the Late Holocene (2019)
  67. Analysis and Interpretation of the Bandelier Landfill Site: Determining the Information Potential of a Multicomponent Historic Trash Site (2019)
  68. An Analysis of Botanical Remains from the Site of Quilcapampa (2019)
  69. An Analysis of Ceramic Compositions from Canchas Uckro, Ancash, Peru: Implications for Trade in the Formative Andes (2019)
  70. An Analysis of Ceramic Imitation and Trade at the Petrified Forest National Park (2019)
  71. Analysis of Cuchimilcos from Coastal Peru (2019)
  72. An Analysis of Fetal Remains Discovered in a New York Privy (2019)
  73. An Analysis of Garbanzo Bean Remains at Mission San Luis de Talimali (2019)
  74. Analysis of Households in Calle de Isabel II, San Juan, Puerto Rico, 1910 (2019)
  75. Analysis of Late Rio Grande Glaze Wares from a Post-Revolt Jemez Pueblo (2019)
  76. Analysis of Marine Sediment by Chemical Signatures to Discover Evidence of Ancient Maya Activities at Site 74, Paynes Creek Salt Works, Belize (2019)
  77. An Analysis of No Agua Obsidian (2019)
  78. Analysis of Obsidian Procurement from the Wurlitzer Site, Butte County, California (2019)
  79. Analysis of Pastoralist Settlement Patterns in Eastern Djibouti (ca. 1200–500 BP) (2019)
  80. An Analysis of Projectile Point Agency from the South Diamond Creek Pueblo Site (2019)
  81. Analysis of Settlement Patterns in Albania from the Iron Age through Greek and Roman Colonization and Integration (1100 BCE–395 CE) (2019)
  82. An Analysis of the Polvorón Phase Lithic Assemblage from the Mesa Grande Platform Mound in the Phoenix Basin (2019)
  83. Analyzing Afro-Caribbean Ware from Fort Amsterdam (SE094) and Battery Rotterdam (SE129) on St. Eustatius, Caribbean Netherlands (2019)
  84. Analyzing Archaic Rock Art in Northern New Mexico through Landscape Survey (2019)
  85. Analyzing Similarity of Animal Style Art in Iron Age North Central Eurasia: A New Way to Study Continental Expression of Religious Symbolism (2019)
  86. Analyzing Stress, Discovering Cooperation: A case study of a Late Archaic sample from the Green River region of Kentucky (2019)
  87. Analyzing the Relationship between Peri-abandonment Deposits and the Eastern Shrine of Xunantunich, Group B (2019)
  88. Analyzing the Utilization of Shell in Chickasaw Pottery Using Petrographic and Chemical Composition Techniques (2019)
  89. Ancestor Veneration or Funeral Practices? An Examination of Recuay Mortuary Variability in the Basin of Puccha (Ancash) between AD 200-900 (2019)
  90. Ancestral Ohiyo Haudenosaunee Ceramic Styles and Technology (2019)
  91. Ancestral Pathways of Fiji: Using GIS to Analyze Landscapes of Movement and Lineages within the Sigatoka River Valley (2019)
  92. Ancestral Pueblo Essentials: Evidence for Layered Social Institutions during the Basketmaker III Period in the Northern Southwest (2019)
  93. Ancestral Pueblo Turkey Management on the Pajarito Plateau (C.E. 1150-1600) (2019)
  94. Ancestral Puebloan Settlement Patterns of Redwood Llama Ranch: Analysis of GIS and Fieldwalking Survey (2019)
  95. Ancient and Medieval Monuments from Romania and Spain as a Testimony of Transcontinental Links—Cultural and Scientific Aspects (2019)
  96. Ancient Andean Scalarity (2019)
  97. Ancient DNA Analysis of Orton Quarry (2019)
  98. Ancient Egyptian Curses and Bog Bodies: The Role of Pseudoarchaeology in Tumblr's Subculture (2019)
  99. Ancient Herring DNA from the Burton Acres Shell Midden (45KI437) and Pacific Herring Population Dynamics in the South Salish Sea (2019)
  100. Ancient Human DNA from Shum Laka (Cameroon) in the Context of African Population History (2019)