Class I (Overview) Survey Update of the San Carlos Irrigation Drainage District (SCIDD) Joint Works for the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, Pinal County, Arizona


As authorized under the Arizona Water Settlements Act of 2004, the San Carlos and Irrigation Drainage District (SCIDD) is undertaking a 10-year rehabilitation project of its irrigation system. SCIDD is the non-Indian irrigation component of the San Carlos Irrigation Project (SCIP), which provides irrigation water to the communities of Florence, Coolidge, and Casa Grande in Pinal County, Arizona. To assist with project planning, Reclamation directed Archaeological Consulting Services, Ltd. (ACS) to conduct a Class I overview of the project area, updating previous Class I reports compiled by Doyel et al. (1995) and Woodson (2000).

The Class I update revealed that 172 cultural resource investigations have been conducted within the APE and review area. Although the cultural resource surveys cover approximately 22 percent of the APE and review area, most were conducted more than 10 years ago, or are on the verge. As such, only five percent of the review area was adequately surveyed within the last 10 years.

In total, 187 sites have been recorded within the APE and review area, and include a variety of site types and ages and eligible, not eligible, and unknown eligibility determinations to the National Register. The bulk of the sites are prehistoric (n = 121) and include Archaic and Hohokam artifact scatters, habitation sites, resource and procurement sites, and sites with features such as petroglyphs and rock features. At least 52 documented sites are historic, a number of which are associated with the SCIDD and Joint Works system. Other historic sites include homestead sites, structures, roads and highways, railroads and trash scatters. Another 12 sites have been characterized as multicomponent, the bulk of which comprise artifact scatters, some with features, with both prehistoric and historic components. The bulk of the sites had not been evaluated for eligibility (n = 65) or no information is available for them (n = 2). Of the remaining cultural resources that were evaluated, two archaeological districts (Blackwater and Florence) and one structure (the Arizona State Prison Captain of the Guards House) are listed on the State Inventory; 34 sites have been determined eligible for inclusion on the State and/or National Registers; 52 have been recommended eligible; one has been recommended for eligibility testing; and 27 have been recommended as not eligible. Three large prehistoric Hohokam habitation sites along the Gila River are listed on the National Register, including Adamsville Ruin (AZ U:15:1[ASM]), Grewe site (AZ AA:2:2[ASM]) and a site cluster (House Mound) within Casa Grande Ruins National Monument (AZ AA:2:16[ASM]).

In addition to the projects and site record checks, historic GLO plat maps and MTP records reveal a number of potentially undocumented historic features and structures in the review area including houses, buildings, canals, ditches, fence lines, railroads, roads, utility lines, and agricultural fields. Modern urban development and expansion of agricultural activity in the area may have obscured or obliterated many of these features.

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Class I (Overview) Survey Update of the San Carlos Irrigation Drainage District (SCIDD) Joint Works for the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, Pinal County, Arizona. ( tDAR id: 377911) ; doi:10.6067/XCV86D5VVB

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Site Name
Adamsville Road Adamsville Ruin Aqueduct 14 Aqueduct 20 Arizona State Prison Captain of the Guards House Ashurst-Hayden Diversion Dam Ashurst-Hayden Diversion Dam Maintenance Facility AZ AA:1:104(ASM) AZ AA:1:121(ASM) AZ AA:1:136(ASM) AZ AA:1:139(ASM) AZ AA:1:95(ASM) AZ AA:1:96(ASM) AZ AA:12:875(ASM) AZ AA:2:100(ASM) AZ AA:2:118(ASM) AZ AA:2:128(ASM) AZ AA:2:130(ASM) AZ AA:2:131(ASM) AZ AA:2:132(ASM) AZ AA:2:133(ASM) AZ AA:2:139(ASM) AZ AA:2:145(ASM) AZ AA:2:149(ASM) AZ AA:2:16(ASM) AZ AA:2:173(ASM) AZ AA:2:175(ASM) AZ AA:2:176(ASM) AZ AA:2:2(ASM) AZ AA:2:216(ASM) AZ AA:2:219(ASM) AZ AA:2:246(ASM) AZ AA:2:253(ASM) AZ AA:2:255(ASM) AZ AA:2:284(ASM) AZ AA:2:30(ASM) AZ AA:2:300(ASM) AZ AA:2:301(ASM) AZ AA:2:307(ASM) AZ AA:2:64(ASM) AZ AA:2:99(ASM) AZ AA:3:116(ASM) AZ AA:3:117(ASM) AZ AA:3:19(ASM) AZ AA:3:20(ASM)/NA15650/AZ AA:3:5(MNA) AZ AA:3:209(ASM) AZ AA:3:21(ASM)/NA15649/AZ AA:3:4(MNA) AZ AA:3:210(ASM) AZ AA:3:211(ASM) AZ AA:3:215(ASM) AZ AA:3:219(ASM) AZ AA:3:22(ASM)/AZ AA:3:6(MNA)/NA15651 AZ AA:3:220(ASM) AZ AA:3:221(ASM) AZ AA:3:222(ASM) AZ AA:3:223(ASM) AZ AA:3:227(ASM) AZ AA:3:23(ASM)/AZ AA:3:10(MNA)/NA15660 AZ AA:3:234(ASM) AZ AA:3:235(ASM) AZ AA:3:236(ASM) AZ AA:3:237(ASM) AZ AA:3:272(ASM) AZ AA:3:273(ASM) AZ AA:3:274(ASM AZ AA:3:275(ASM) AZ AA:3:281(ASM) AZ AA:3:30(ASM) AZ AA:3:324(ASM) AZ AA:6:63(ASM) AZ FF:9:17(ASM) AZ T:10:84(ASM) AZ U:13:254(ASM) AZ U:14:108(ASM) AZ U:14:114(ASM) AZ U:14:115(ASM) AZ U:14:334(ASM) AZ U:14:346(ASM) AZ U:14:354(ASM) AZ U:14:385(ASM) AZ U:14:386(ASM) AZ U:14:413(ASM) AZ U:14:57(ASM) AZ U:15:1 (ASM) AZ U:15:10(ASM)/NA15662/AZ U:15:26(MNA) AZ U:15:100(ASM) AZ U:15:101(ASM) AZ U:15:102(ASM) AZ U:15:103(ASM) AZ U:15:104(ASM)/AZ U:15:29(ASU) AZ U:15:106(ASM) AZ U:15:109(ASM) AZ U:15:111(ASM) AZ U:15:120(ASM) AZ U:15:124(ASM) AZ U:15:127(ASM)/AZ U:15:9(ASU) AZ U:15:13(ASM) AZ U:15:14(ASU) AZ U:15:15(ASM)/NA15666/AZ U:15:30(MNA) AZ U:15:19(ASM)/NA15656/AZ U:15:30(MNA) AZ U:15:21(ASM) AZ U:15:243(ASM) AZ U:15:253(ASM) AZ U:15:27 (ASU) AZ U:15:271(ASM) AZ U:15:272(ASM) AZ U:15:273(ASM) AZ U:15:275(ASM) AZ U:15:276(ASM) AZ U:15:279(ASM) AZ U:15:28(ASU)/NA15646/AZ U:15:19(MNA) AZ U:15:280(ASM) AZ U:15:281(ASM) AZ U:15:288(ASM) AZ U:15:302(ASM) AZ U:15:31(ASM) AZ U:15:362(ASM) AZ U:15:365(ASM) AZ U:15:390(ASM) AZ U:15:396(ASM) AZ U:15:397(ASM) AZ U:15:398(ASM) AZ U:15:399(ASM) AZ U:15:4(ASM) AZ U:15:400(ASM) AZ U:15:401(ASM) AZ U:15:402(ASM) AZ U:15:403(ASM) AZ U:15:404(ASM) AZ U:15:405(ASM) AZ U:15:408(ASM) AZ U:15:41(ASM) AZ U:15:415(ASM) AZ U:15:43(ASM) AZ U:15:44(ASM) AZ U:15:45(ASM)/AZ U:15:15(ASU) AZ U:15:46(ASM)/NA 15667/AZ U:15:31(MNA) AZ U:15:47(ASM)/NA 15671/AZ U:15:35(MNA) AZ U:15:473(ASM) AZ U:15:474(ASM) AZ U:15:476(ASM) AZ U:15:48(ASM)/NA15663/AZ U:15:27(MNA) AZ U:15:5(ARS) AZ U:15:5(ASM) AZ U:15:506(ASM) AZ U:15:52(ASM) AZ U:15:557(ASM) AZ U:15:6 (ARS) AZ U:15:73(ASM)/NA15665/AZ U:15:29(MNA) AZ U:15:75(ASM)/NA15664/AZ U:15:28(MNA) AZ U:15:76(ASM)/NA15668/AZ U:15:32(MNA) AZ U:15:77(ASM)/NA15669/AZ U:15:33(MNA) AZ U:15:78(ASM)/NA15639/AZ U:15:13(MNA) AZ U:15:79(ASM)/NA15638/AZ U:15:12(MNA) AZ U:15:8(ARS) AZ U:15:8(ASM)/AZ U:15:8(ASU) AZ U:15:80(ASM)/NA15637/AZ U:15:11(MNA) AZ U:15:81(ASM)/NA15636/AZ U:15:10(MNA) AZ U:15:82(ASM)/NA15635/AZ U:15:9(MNA)AZ U:15:42(ASM) AZ U:15:83(ASM)/AZ U:15:22(MNA)/NA15655 AZ U:15:84(ASM)/AZ U:15:24(MNA)/NA15657 AZ U:15:85(ASM)/AZ U:15:20(MNA)/NA15653 AZ U:15:86(ASM)/NA15670/AZ U:15:34(MNA) AZ U:15:87(ASM)/AZ U:15:21(MNA)/NA15654 AZ U:15:88(ASM)/AZ U:15:16(MNA)/NA15642 AZ U:15:93(ASM) AZ U:16:120(ASM) AZ U:16:213(ASM) AZ U:16:215(ASM) AZ U:16:223(ASM) AZ U:16:299(ASM) AZ U:16:303(ASM) AZ Z:2:40(ASM) Bartlett Road Beeline Highway Blackwater Archaeological District Blackwater Lateral Brady Wash Site Casa Grande Canal Casa Grande Highway Casa Grande Ruins National Monument Casa Grande Ruins National Monument Compound Casa Grande Ruins National Monument Site Cluster V Christensen Road COL–ED2 #1 Transmission Line Diversion Dam Road Eleven Mile Road El Paso Natural Gas Pipeline No. 1007 Fisher Memorial Home Florence Archeological District Florence-Casa Grande Canal Florence-Casa Grande Canal Extension Florence Cemetery Florence Ruin Gila Dune Site Grewe Site Historic US 80 Horvath Site Hunt Highway IHCRS 82-3(SHPO) Jones Ruin Junkyard site La Mescla Site Las Fosas Last Water Ruin Maricopa-Saguaro 115 kV Transmission Line Mesa to Winkelman Spur of the Southern Pacific Railroad/Phoenix and Eastern Railroad NA15,632 NA15,633 NA15,644 NA15634/AZ U:15:8(MNA) NA15640/AZ U:15:14(MNA) NA15645/AZ U:15:18(MNA) NA15661/AZ U:15:23(MNA) North Side Canal Picacho Reservoir Pima Lateral Canal Poston Butte Pueblo Price Road Price Station Townsite Saturday Site Selma Highway Southern Pacific Railroad Mainline – Southern Route-Sunset Route Southern Pacific Railroad Wellton-Phoenix-Eloy Spur/Sunset Route State Route 166 State Route 287 State Route 65 State Route 80 State Route 84 State Route 87 Sunshine Road Show More

Site Type
Agricultural Field or Field Feature Artifact Scatter Burial Pit Canal or Canal Feature Cemetery Hamlet / Village Historic Governmental Structure Historic Structure House Linear Feature Mine Petroglyph Platform Mound Prison Railroad Reservoir Road Roasting Pit / Oven / Horno Rock Shelter Town / City Trash Midden Utility line Water Control Feature

Temporal Coverage

Calendar Date: -6000 to 1960 (Middle Archaic to present)

Spatial Coverage

min long: -112.006; min lat: 32.575 ; max long: -110.665; max lat: 33.532 ;

Individual & Institutional Roles

Contact(s): Bureau of Reclamation, Phoenix Area Office

Principal Investigator(s): Robert Stokes

Landowner(s): San Carlos Irrigation Project

Sponsor(s): USDI Bureau of Reclamation, Phoenix Area Office

Permitting Agency(s): Bureau of Indian Affairs

Repository(s): Huhugam Heritage Center

Prepared By(s): Archaeological Consulting Services, Ltd.

Submitted To(s): USDI Bureau of Reclamation, Phoenix Area Office

Record Identifiers

Permit No.(s): N/A

ACS Project No.(s): 09-302-01

Bureau of Reclamation Contract No.(s): R10PB32015

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