Lake Pleasant Regional Park Cultural Resources Management Plan


In the early 2000's, Lake Pleasant Regional Park (LPRP or the Park) was in an undeveloped portion of Maricopa County, Arizona. Population growth in the greater Phoenix metropolitan area over the past 30 years, however, resulted in the expansion of new housing developments along the edges of the city. It was increasingly clear that the park was becoming part of an urban landsape, and that the park's resources were experiencing increased impacts.

In 2004, Archaeological Consulting Services, Ltd. produced the Cultural Resources Management Plan to provide Maricopa County, AZ and the Bureau of Reclamation with a long-term management strategy to preserve and protect the significant cultural resources of Lake Pleasant Regional Park. The project assessed current management and resources, and then set forth some policies and procedures to help the county and Reclamation manage the resources efficiently.

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ACS Project No.(s): 02-380-01

Bureau of Reclamation Contract No.(s): 1425-97-CS-32-02810

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