The Archaeology, Conservation, and Interpretation of the Storm Wreck, a Wartime Refugee Vessel Evacuating Charleston, South Carolina at the End of the American Revolution and Lost at St. Augustine, Florida on 31 December 1782

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  1. An Archaeological Examination of Cookware from the Storm Wreck, 8SJ5459 (2016)
  2. The Archaeological Investigation of the Storm Wreck, a Wartime Refugee Vessel Lost at St. Augustine, Florida at the End of the Revolutionary War: Overview of the 2010-2015 Excavation Seasons (2016)
  3. Archaeology for the Masses: Presenting the Storm Wreck through Public Archaeology (2016)
  4. Archival Research and the Historical Background of the 1782 Evacuation of Charleston and the Loss of the Storm Wreck (2016)
  5. Bang Bang! Cannons, Carronades, and the Gun Carriage from the Storm Wreck (2016)
  6. Gone for a Soldier: An Archaeological Signature of a Military Presence aboard the Storm Wreck (2016)
  7. Have Tools Will Travel: An Examination of Tools Found on the Storm Wreck, A Loyalist Evacuation Transport Wrecked on the St. Augustine Bar in 1782 (2016)
  8. Household Artifacts from the Storm Wreck (2016)
  9. Life Among the Wind and Waves: Examining Living Conditions on Sailing Vessels Through the Use of Microscopic Remains (2016)
  10. Navigational Instruments found on the Storm Wreck (2016)
  11. Pew Pew! Small Arms from the Storm Wreck, a Loyalist Evacuation Ship from the End of the American Revolutionary War. (2016)
  12. Ship’s Equipment, Fittings, and Rigging Components from the Storm Wreck (2016)
  13. Taking it Personally: Personal Items from the Storm Wreck (2016)
  14. Weight, Weight . . . Don’t Tell Me: the Assemblage of Weights from the Storm Wreck. (2016)
  15. Wrecked! An Interactive Exhibition on a Revolutionary War Shipwreck in St. Augustine, Florida (2016)