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  1. 3D Printing for Submerged Heritage: A Comparative Study in Structured Light and Photogrammetry (2017)
  2. An Aerial Micro-Topographical Landscape Survey on Montserrat, West Indies (2017)
  3. All Inclusive: an Archaeological Investigation and Material Analysis of Tabby Remains at Middle Place Plantation (9CH158), Ossabaw Island, Chatham County, Georgia (2017)
  4. Alsatian Foodways in 19th Century Texas: A Faunal Analysis of Remains from the Biry House Excavations (2017)
  5. Archaeological Investigation of the Brookgreen Plantation, South Carolina (2017)
  6. The Battle of the Wabash and The Battle of Fort Recovery: Public Interpretation and Education (2017)
  7. Camino Real de Tierra Adentro: Locating Trail Segments through Predictive Modeling (2017)
  8. Chesapeake Flotilla: America’s Defense of the Bay (2017)
  9. Cleaning Submerged Artillery: Tools and Methods Used to Conserve Cannon from Blackbeard’s Flagship, Queen Anne’s Revenge (1718) (2017)
  10. Comparative Ceramics Analysis of Enslaved Contexts at Thomas Jefferson’s Poplar Forest (2017)
  11. Constructing Heritage for the Historic U-Lazy-S Ranch (2017)
  12. The Creation of an In-House, Interactive, Bottle Identification Guide for Students (2017)
  13. Cultural Resources Toolkit for Marine Protected Area Managers (2017)
  14. Deconstructing Ubiquity: the Interpretive Value of Metal Drum Container Artifacts (2017)
  15. Early Norwegian Settlers on the Texas Frontier: Uncovering the Home of Cleng Peerson (2017)
  16. Evolutions: Reflections of Cultural and Social Change at a Lighthouse Community. (2017)
  17. Explosion aboard Steamer USS Tulip: Site Investigations and Management of a Union Gunboat Wreck of the American Civil War (2017)
  18. The Fast Track to Borrow Tool (2017)
  19. Finding Fort Shackelford: A lost U.S. Army Fort from the Seminole War Era. (2017)
  20. Finding Foundations: Exploring an Early Stockade Residence in Schenectady, New York (2017)
  21. Finding Little Egypt (2017)
  22. Firearm Identification and Cartridge Comparison using Three Dimensional Photogrammetry to Compare Firing Pin Impressions and Tool Marks. (2017)
  23. Fort St. Joseph Archaeological Project: Public Outreach in the 2016 Field Season (2017)
  24. Garden produce, mass market goods, and other plant remains from four features at an urban, residential site in Iowa City, 1830-1940 (2017)
  25. Geophysical Investigaitons at Fort Larned National Historic Site, 14PA305, Pawnee County, Kansas (2017)
  26. Glassware analysis from a segregated, multi-racial community of labor - A case study from the Coal Heritage Archaeology Project. (2017)
  27. Gulag Online virtual museum (2017)
  28. The Hester Lake B-24 Crash: A Case Study For Small, Low-Cost ROVs (2017)
  29. Holly Bend Plantation: Early19th Century Blacksmith Forge and Dependencies (2017)
  30. Household Ceramics across communities of Labor, a study from central Appalachia (2017)
  31. A Lithic Analysis of Paraje San Diego, New Mexico, United States (2017)
  32. Living In Danger: The Spatial Practices In The Pre-industrial Pitch Mill Site In Early Modern Oulu, Finland (2017)
  33. Locked Up: Archaeological Indications of Immigrant Experience on New York's Canals (2017)
  34. Magnetic Models: Creating an Interpretive Model of Civil War Case Shot (2017)
  35. Peaches Preserved: The Archaeology and Preservation of Peachtree Plantation, St. James Santee Parish, South Carolina (2017)
  36. Photorealism at an Archaeological Site near Mission San Luis Obispo, California (2017)
  37. Plymouth Memory Capsule: A 19th-Century Tale of Woe? (2017)
  38. Politics, The Public, And Archaeology In Texas (2017)
  39. Public Spaces For The People: A Preliminary Investigation Of Colonial Taverns And Markets In Charleston, South Carolina (2017)
  40. A pXRF Analysis on18th-Century Colonial Redware (2017)
  41. Saenger Pottery Works: Preliminary Report, Unlocking a Town’s History through Their Pottery (2017)
  42. Savage Meets Science: The Rebirth of Royal Savage through Modern Technology (2017)
  43. Spatiality of the Everyday: 19th Century Slave Life in Western Tennessee (2017)
  44. Streamlining the process: using handheld devices for in-field data collection on Ossabaw Island, Georgia. (2017)
  45. The Theory Of Coastal Abandonment During Times Of Warfare And Piracy Applied To The Island Of Cyprus During The Crusades (2017)
  46. Toe the Line: An Overview of the Revised Permitting Program for Research of U.S. Navy’s Sunken and Terrestrial Military Craft (2017)
  47. Tracking The Shipwreck Trails Of Time (2017)
  48. Understanding 19th Century Indigenous River-Portage Travel in Maine and New Brunswick Through Network Analysis (2017)
  49. Virtual Public Archaeology: Using 3D Imaging and Printing to Engage, Educate, and Enthrall the Public (2017)
  50. Walls Have Ears, Bottles Have Mouths (2017)