Archaeological Investigations: Salt River Project, Coronado to Dinosaur Transmission Line, Private, State, and Federal Lands, Apache and Navajo Counties, Arizona: Final Report for Archaeological Survey of Proposed Transmission Line Right-Of-Way STA. 0+00 - STA. 3874+21 and Proposed Transmission Line Realignment Right-Of-Way STA. 1748+30 - STA. 2375+50

Author(s): Richard A. Brook

Year: 1977


Since May, 1975, the Museum of Northern Arizona, Department of Anthropology (hereafter "Museum"), has conducted archaeological investigations for the Salt River Project - Coronado Generating Station, Coronado-Dinosaur Transmission System, North End Project. This work, supported by contractual agreement, has consisted of an intensive archaeological survey of the proposed right-of-way, from Sta. 0+00 - Sta. 3874+21, and a realignment around Sta. 1748+30 to Sta. 2375+50, and the analysis and report preparation associated with the data collected during the fieldwork. The Museum has used the necessary permits to conduct these investigations. This report details the Museum's involvement in this project, provides a statement for management purposes for Salt River Project, discusses the field methods employed, examines the regional archaeological conditions, including the cultural resources present along the transmission line, broadly outlines proposals for mitigations, and makes clearance recommendations based on a regional mitigation approach, as well as on the potential for avoiding archaeological sites.

This document includes contributions by Dorothy M. Goddard, Patricia H. Stein, Jeannette Dickerson, and Claudia Chang.

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Archaeological Investigations: Salt River Project, Coronado to Dinosaur Transmission Line, Private, State, and Federal Lands, Apache and Navajo Counties, Arizona: Final Report for Archaeological Survey of Proposed Transmission Line Right-Of-Way STA. 0+00 - STA. 3874+21 and Proposed Transmission Line Realignment Right-Of-Way STA. 1748+30 - STA. 2375+50. Richard A. Brook. Flagstaff, AZ: Museum of Northern Arizona, Department of Anthropology. 1977 ( tDAR id: 191079) ; doi:10.6067/XCV8191079

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min long: -110.577; min lat: 34.477 ; max long: -109.248; max lat: 34.978 ;

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Contact(s): Salt River Project Cultural Resource Manager

Contributor(s): Alexander J. Lindsay, Jr.; Dorothy M. Goddard; Patricia H. Stein; Jeanette Dickerson; Claudia Chang

Landowner(s): Private Owner; State of Arizona; Federal; Arizona Title Insurance and Trust Company

Sponsor(s): Salt River Project

Prepared By(s): Museum of Northern Arizona

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Salt River Project Library Barcode No.(s): 00030574

NADB Citation ID No.(s): 000000012163

NADB Document ID No.(s): 1000165


General Note: Submitted to: Salt River Project

General Note: Sent from: Archaeological Research, Museum of Northern Arizona

General Note: Contract number: A-75-80 NPS (WR-RR), 600 Harrison St, San Francisco, CA 94107

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