Hohokam Archaeology along the Salt-Gila Aqueduct Central Arizona Project, Volume VIII: Material Culture


This is the eighth volume of a nine-volume series reporting archaeological investigations in south-central Arizona along the SaltGila Aqueduct (SGA), conducted for the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation (USBR) under Contract No. 0-07-32-V0101. The SGA is a 58-mile-Iong component of the Central Arizona Project that begins east of Phoenix and extends to the vicinity of the Picacho Mountains. Specialized analyses of artifacts recovered from 45 sites excavated along the SGA are reported in this volume. The general research questions addressed in each analysis include spatial and temporal variability in Hohokam artifact assemblages.

Part I includes six studies of ceramic artifacts. Chapter 1 is a technological assessment of a large proportion of the plain, red, and buff ware sherds recovered from SGA sites. A functional and technological assessment of whole vessels from the Classic period sites of Los Muertos and Las Fosas, and from three Classic period sites on Queen Creek is described in Chapter 2. Chapters 3 and 4 report analyses of stylistic attributes on buff ware and polychrome sherds from SGA sites. In Chapter 5, the results of X-ray fluorescence analyses of Hohokam plain ware, red ware, buff ware, and polychrome sherds are presented. Finally, whole vessels, worked sherds, and figurines from all SGA sites are described in Chapter 6.

Part II includes reports on lithic materials from SGA sites. In Chapter 1, ground and chipped stone materials are documented with particular emphasis on tabular knives. An X-ray fluorescence analysis of obsidian is reported in Chapter 2.

Part III is an extensive study of shell recovered from SGA sites.

Part IV is an analysis of SGA bone artifacts.

Finally, Part V is a general summary of the specialized analyses.

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Ceramic Chipped Stone Fauna Hide Shell

Site Name
AZ AA:2:61 AZ AA:3:20(ASM) AZ AA:3:21(ASM) AZ AA:3:22(ASM) AZ AA:3:26(ASM) AZ U:10:10(MNA) AZ U:10:11(ASM) AZ U:10:11(MNA) AZ U:10:12(ASM) AZ U:10:13(ASM) AZ U:10:13(MNA) AZ U:10:14(ASM) AZ U:10:14(MNA) AZ U:10:15(ASM) AZ U:10:15(MNA) AZ U:10:16(ASM) AZ U:10:20(ASM) AZ U:10:30(ASM) AZ U:10:5(ASM) AZ U:10:6(ASM) AZ U:10:69(ASM) AZ U:10:8(ASM) AZ U:13:22 AZ U:13:9 AZ U:14:73(ASM) AZ U:15:10(ASU) AZ U:15:100(ASM) AZ U:15:101 AZ U:15:102(ASM) AZ U:15:103(ASM) AZ U:15:109(ASM) AZ U:15:15 AZ U:15:19(ASM) AZ U:15:21 AZ U:15:22 AZ U:15:23 AZ U:15:27(MNA) AZ U:15:28(ASU) AZ U:15:30(ASU) AZ U:15:32 AZ U:15:33(ASM) AZ U:15:38(MNA) AZ U:15:41 AZ U:15:46(ASM) AZ U:15:48(ASM) AZ U:15:57(ASM) AZ U:15:58 AZ U:15:59(ASM) AZ U:15:6(ASU) AZ U:15:61(ASM) AZ U:15:62(ASM) AZ U:15:69(ASM) AZ U:15:72(ASM) AZ U:15:73(ASM) AZ U:15:74(ASM) AZ U:15:75(ASM) AZ U:15:76 AZ U:15:76(ASM) AZ U:15:77 AZ U:15:77(ASM) AZ U:15:83 AZ U:15:83(ASM) AZ U:15:84 AZ U:15:84(ASM) AZ U:15:85(ASM) AZ U:15:87(ASM) AZ U:15:88 AZ U:15:88(ASM) AZ U:15:91 AZ U:15:92 AZ U:15:97(ASM) AZ U:15:98(ASM) AZ U:15:99(ASM) Casas Pequeñas Chiadag site Dust Bowl site Ellsworth site El Polvorón Frogtown Gopherette site Jones Ruin Junkyard site Las Fosas Los Canales Oidag site Rancho Sin Vacas Saguaro site Siphon Draw Smiley's Well Show More

Site Type
Agricultural Field or Field Feature Artifact Scatter Canal or Canal Feature Compound Domestic Structure or Architectural Complex Funerary and Burial Structures or Features Hamlet / Village Pit House / Earth Lodge Quarry Refuse Pit Reservoir Roasting Pit / Oven / Horno Rock Alignment Room Block / Compound / Pueblo Specialized Activity Sites Storage Pit Terrace Water Control Feature

Temporal Coverage

Calendar Date: 700 to 1450

Spatial Coverage

min long: -111.699; min lat: 32.87 ; max long: -111.248; max lat: 33.518 ;

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Bureau of Reclamation Contract No.(s): 0-07-32-V0101

NADB document id number(s): 2203984

NADB citation id number(s): 000000168086

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