The Roosevelt Bajada Survey, Tonto Basin, Gila County, Central Arizona


Between October, 1990, and January, 1991, SWCA, Environmental Consultants conducted archaeological survey of approximately 1,800 acres of Tonto National Forest land in the Roosevelt Basin, central Arizona. This project, the Roosevelt Bajada Survey, was done to provide survey data on portions of the Basin that are not being investigated by Arizona State University (ASU) as part of its Roosevelt Lake Project. The survey recorded 111 new sites and rerecorded five previously known sites; four additional sites in the survey units had already been recorded adequately. In addition, 30 Isolated Occurrences were recorded.

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The Roosevelt Bajada Survey, Tonto Basin, Gila County, Central Arizona, 24. Richard V. N. Ahlstrom, Mark L. Chenault, Kirk C. Anderson. SWCA Archaeological Report ,91. Tucson, Arizona: SWCA, Inc. Environmental Consultants. 1991 ( tDAR id: 402032) ; doi:10.6067/XCV8639RMB


Hohokam Salado

Basalt Black-on-Whiteware Buffware Building Materials Ceramic Chalcedony Chert Chipped Stone Gila Polychrome Ware Granite Ground Stone Mineral Plainware Polychrome Ware Quartz Quartzite Red-on-Buffware Redware Sacaton Red-on-Buffware Salado Polychrome Ware Stone White Chert White Mountain Redware Whiteware

Site Name
AR-03-12-06-1044 AR-03-12-06-424 AR-03-12-06-746 AZ U:3:180/06-1806 AZ U:3:181/06-1808 AZ U:3:182/06-1821 AZ U:3:183/06-1822 AZ U:3:184/06-1825 AZ U:3:185/06-1828 AZ U:3:186/06-1829 AZ U:3:187/06-1830 AZ U:3:188/06-1831 AZ U:3:189/06-1832 AZ U:3:190/06-1833 AZ U:3:191/06-1834 AZ U:3:192/06-1835 AZ U:3:193/06-1836 AZ U:3:194/06-1837 AZ U:3:195/06-1838 AZ U:3:196/06-1839 AZ U:3:197/06-1840 AZ U:3:198/06/1841 AZ U:3:199/06/1842 AZ U:3:200/06-1843 AZ U:3:201/06-1844 AZ U:3:202/06-1845 AZ U:3:203/06-1846 AZ U:3:204/06-1847 AZ U:3:205/06-1848 AZ U:3:206/06-1849 AZ U:3:207/06-1850 AZ U:3:208/06-1851 AZ U:3:209/06-1852 AZ U:3:210/06-1855 AZ U:3:211/06-1856 AZ U:3:212/06-1863 AZ U:3:213/06-1864 AZ U:3:214/06-1865 AZ U:3:215/06-1866 AZ U:3:216/06-1867 AZ U:3:217/06-1868 AZ U:3:218/06-1869 AZ U:3:219/06-1879 AZ U:3:220/06-1880 AZ U:4:100/06-1818 AZ U:4:101/06-1819 AZ U:4:102/06-1820 AZ U:4:103/06-1823 AZ U:4:104/06-1824 AZ U:4:105/06-1826 AZ U:4:106/06-1827 AZ U:4:107/06-1853 AZ U:4:108/06-1854 AZ U:4:109/06-1857 AZ U:4:110/06-1858 AZ U:4:111/06-1859 AZ U:4:112/06-1860 AZ U:4:113/06-1861 AZ U:4:114/06-1862 AZ U:4:115/06-1870 AZ U:4:116/06-1871 AZ U:4:117/06-1872 AZ U:4:118/06-1873 AZ U:4:119/06-1874 AZ U:4:120/06-1875 AZ U:4:121/06-1876 AZ U:4:122/06-1877 AZ U:4:123/06-1878 AZ U:4:124/06-52 AZ U:4:3/06-144 AZ U:4:4/06-135 AZ U:4:5/06-146 AZ U:4:84/06-1779 AZ U:4:85/06-1780 AZ U:4:86/06-1781 AZ U:4:87/06-1782 AZ U:4:88/06-1783 AZ U:4:89/06-1784 AZ U:4:90/06-1785 AZ U:4:91/06-1790 AZ U:4:92/06-1809 AZ U:4:93/06-1810 AZ U:4:94/06-1811 AZ U:4:95/06-1813 AZ U:4:96/06-1814 AZ U:4:97/06-1815 AZ U:4:98/06-1816 AZ U:4:99/06-1817 AZ U:8:512/06-1771 AZ U:8:513/06-1772 AZ U:8:514/06-1773 AZ U:8:515/06-1774 AZ U:8:516/06-1775 AZ U:8:517/06-1776 AZ U:8:518/06-1777 AZ U:8:519/06-1778 AZ U:8:520/06-1786 AZ U:8:521/06-1787 AZ U:8:522/06-1788 AZ U:8:523/06-1789 AZ U:8:524/06-1791 AZ U:8:525/06-1792 AZ U:8:526/06-1797 AZ U:8:527/06-1800 AZ U:8:528/06-1807 AZ U:8:529/06-1812 AZ U:8:530/06-106 AZ U:8:531/06-107 AZ U:8:532/06-1881 AZ V:5:165/06-1793 AZ V:5:166/06-1794 AZ V:5:167/06-1795 AZ V:5:168/06-1796 AZ V:5:169/06-1798 AZ V:5:170/06-1799 AZ V:5:171/06-1801 AZ V:5:172/06-1802 AZ V:5:173/06-1803 AZ V:5:174/06-1804 AZ V:5:175/06-1805 Show More

Site Type
Agricultural Field or Field Feature Agricultural or Herding Archaeological Feature Artifact Scatter Bedrock Grinding Feature Check Dam Circular Rock Feature Compound Corral Domestic Structure or Architectural Complex Domestic Structures Erosion Control Feature Field Field House Grinding Slab Hearth Historic Structure Isolated Artifact Isolated Feature Lithic Scatter Midden Milling Feature Petroglyph Pit Pueblo Resource Extraction / Production / Transportation Structure or Features Roasting Pit Roasting Pit / Oven / Horno Rock Alignment Rock Art Rock Pile Room Block / Compound / Pueblo Sherd Scatter Stone Cluster Stone Structure Structure Terrace Trash Dump Trash Midden Water Control Feature Show More

Spatial Coverage

min long: -111.363; min lat: 33.607 ; max long: -110.917; max lat: 33.856 ;

Individual & Institutional Roles

Contact(s): Bureau of Reclamation, Phoenix Area Office

Contributor(s): Steve Baumann; Lee Yazzie Black; Eric Chambers; Stewart Deats; David Doak; Doak McDuffie; Selina Littler; Faryl Sanders; Charles Sternberg

Field Director(s): Richard Ahlstrom; Gregory Seymour

Principal Investigator(s): Richard Ahlstrom

Landowner(s): U. S. Forest Service

Submitted To(s): Bureau of Reclamation, Arizona Projects Office, Phoenix, AZ

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Project Name(s): Roosevelt Bajada Survey

Delivery Order No.(s): 9-PD-32-00600-008

Contract No.(s): 9-CS-31-00600-008

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