Bechtel Power Corporation 1978 Arizona Station Plant Site Study, Salt River Project, State and Private Lands, Apache and Navajo Counties, Arizona: An Addendum to Preliminary Draft for Phase I: Archaeological and Ethnohistorical Research

Author(s): James E. Bradford; Peter J. Pilles, Jr.

Year: 1974


As a result of the Salt River Project consultant's meeting on June 18, 1974, additional, more current information on the Arizona Station Project was made available to the Museum of Northern Arizona. Because of this, it was decided that the archaeological recommendations for the project should be reviewed and re-submitted. This report discusses the new developments and presents the basis for conclusions made regarding the archaeological assessments.

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Bechtel Power Corporation 1978 Arizona Station Plant Site Study, Salt River Project, State and Private Lands, Apache and Navajo Counties, Arizona: An Addendum to Preliminary Draft for Phase I: Archaeological and Ethnohistorical Research. James E. Bradford, Peter J. Pilles, Jr.. Flagstaff, AZ: Museum of Northern Arizona, Department of Anthropology. 1974 ( tDAR id: 402751) ; doi:10.6067/XCV8402751

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Site Name
Ariz. P:8:10 (MNA) Ariz. P:8:11 (MNA) Ariz. P:8:12 (MNA) Ariz. P:8:13 (MNA) Ariz. P:8:14 (MNA) Ariz. P:8:15 (MNA) Ariz. P:8:16 (MNA) Ariz. P:8:17 (MNA) Ariz. P:8:18 (MNA) Ariz. P:8:19 (MNA) Ariz. P:8:20 (MNA) Ariz. P:8:21 (MNA) Ariz. P:8:22 (MNA) Ariz. P:8:23 (MNA) Ariz. P:8:24 (MNA) Ariz. P:8:25 (MNA) Ariz. P:8:26 (MNA) Ariz. P:8:27 (MNA) Ariz. P:8:28 (MNA) Ariz. P:8:29 (MNA) Ariz. P:8:30 (MNA) Ariz. P:8:31 (MNA) Ariz. P:8:32 (MNA) Ariz. P:8:4 (MNA) Ariz. P:8:5 (MNA) Ariz. P:8:6 (MNA) Ariz. P:8:7 (MNA) Ariz. P:8:8 (MNA) Ariz. P:8:9 (MNA) Ariz. Q:6:10 (MNA) Ariz. Q:6:11 (MNA) Ariz. Q:6:13 (MNA) Ariz. Q:6:14 (MNA) Ariz. Q:6:15 (MNA) Ariz. Q:6:16 (MNA) Ariz. Q:6:17 (MNA) Ariz. Q:6:2 (MNA) Ariz. Q:6:3 (MNA) Ariz. Q:6:4 (MNA) Ariz. Q:6:5 (MNA) Ariz. Q:6:6 (MNA) Ariz. Q:6:7 (MNA) Ariz. Q:6:8 Ariz. Q:6:9 (MNA) Ariz. Q:7:10 (MNA) Ariz. Q:7:11 (MNA) Ariz. Q:7:12 (MNA) Ariz. Q:7:13 (MNA) Ariz. Q:7:15 (MNA) Ariz. Q:7:16 (MNA) Ariz. Q:7:17 (MNA) Ariz. Q:7:18 (MNA) Ariz. Q:7:19 (MNA) Ariz. Q:7:2 (MNA) Ariz. Q:7:20 (MNA) Ariz. Q:7:21 (MNA) Ariz. Q:7:22 (MNA) Ariz. Q:7:23 (MNA) Ariz. Q:7:24 (MNA) Ariz. Q:7:4 (MNA) Ariz. Q:7:5 (MNA) Ariz. Q:7:6 (MNA) Ariz. Q:7:7 (MNA) Ariz. Q:7:8 (MNA) Ariz. Q:7:9 (MNA) Ariz. Q:8:3 (MNA) Ariz. Q:8:4 (MNA) NA12,217 NA12,218 NA12,612 NA12,684 NA12,685 NA12,686 NA12,687 NA12,688 NA12,689 NA12,690 NA12,691 NA12,692 NA12,693 NA12,694 NA12,695 NA12,696 NA12,697 NA12,698 NA12,699 NA12,700 NA12,701 NA12,702 NA12,703 NA12,704 NA12,705 NA12,706 NA12,707 NA12,708 NA12,709 NA12,710 NA12,711 NA12,712 NA12,713 NA12,714 NA12,715 NA12,716 NA12,719 NA12,720 NA12,721 NA12,722 NA12,723 NA12,724 NA12,725 NA12,726 NA12,727 NA12,728 NA12,729 NA12,730 NA12,731 NA12,732 NA12,733 NA12,734 NA12,735 NA12,736 NA12,737 NA12,738 NA12,739 NA12,740 NA12,741 NA12,742 NA12,743 NA12,744 NA12,745 NA12,746 NA12,747 NA12,748 NA12,749 NA12,750 NA12,751 NA12,752 Show More

Site Type
Agricultural or Herding Ancient Structure Archaeological Feature Artifact Scatter Brush Corral Campsite Ceramic Scatter Corral Dam Depression Domestic Structure or Architectural Complex Domestic Structures Earthen Oven Encampment Enclosure Fire Blackened Soil Firepit Food Processing Station Hamlet / Village Hearth Historic Structure Kiva Kiva / Great Kiva Lithic Scatter Masonry Room Masonry Structure Midden Mound Mound / Earthwork Oven Pebble Scatter Petroglyph Pit Pit House Pit House / Earth Lodge Pit House Depression Pueblo Rectangular Stone Outline Resource Extraction / Production / Transportation Structure or Features Roasting Pit / Oven / Horno Rock Alignment Rock Art Rock Shelter Room Room Block / Compound / Pueblo Sandstone Enclosure Sandstone Structure Settlements Sherd Scatter Stone Circle Stone Structure Storage Structure Structure Trash Scatter Village Wall Water Control Feature Show More

Spatial Coverage

min long: -109.655; min lat: 34.459 ; max long: -109.135; max lat: 34.588 ;

Individual & Institutional Roles

Contact(s): Salt River Project Cultural Resource Manager

Contributor(s): Alexander J. Lindsay, Jr.; David Ketchum; Paul Weimann; John Harshbarger, Dr.

Collaborator(s): Salt River Project

Landowner(s): State of Arizona; Private Owner

Submitted To(s): Bechtel Power Corporation

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Salt River Project Library Barcode No.(s): 00030468

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