A Class I Cultural Resources Inventory of the North-South Corridor Study, Pinal County, Arizona

Editor(s): William M. Graves

Year: 2011


Under contract with the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT), HDR Engineering, Inc. (HDR), has been tasked with the preliminary planning and predesign of a north-south highway corridor in Pinal County, Arizona (Federal Highway Administration Project No. STP-999-A [BBM]; TRACS No. 999 PN H7454 O1L). This highway will link Interstate 10 (I-10), in the vicinity of Picacho, to U.S. Highway 60 (also known as the Superstition Freeway), in the vicinity of Apache Junction. HDR has subcontracted with Statistical Research, Inc. to complete a Class I inventory of the study area.

Report Submittal Number 2: May 2011

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A Class I Cultural Resources Inventory of the North-South Corridor Study, Pinal County, Arizona, 3. William M. Graves. 2011 ( tDAR id: 427188) ; doi:10.6067/XCV8427188

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Site Type
Archaeological Feature Artifact Scatter Domestic Structure or Architectural Complex Domestic Structures House Mound Mine Platform Mound Resource Extraction / Production / Transportation Structure or Features Road Road, Trail, and Related Structures or Features

Investigation Types
Archaeological Overview Data Recovery / Excavation Reconnaissance / Survey Site Evaluation / Testing

Spatial Coverage

min long: -111.338; min lat: 32.408 ; max long: -110.761; max lat: 33.28 ;

Individual & Institutional Roles

Contact(s): Salt River Project Cultural Resource Manager

Contributor(s): Jesse A. M. Ballenger; Christopher P. Garraty; Ashley Morton; Scott Thompson; William White; Jason Windingstad

Principal Investigator(s): William M. Graves

Prepared By(s): Statistical Research, Inc.

Submitted To(s): HDR Engineering, Inc.; Arizona Department of Transportation, Environmental Planning Group

Record Identifiers

Technical Report No.(s): 11-3

ADOT TRACS No. (s): 999 PN H7454 O1L

FHWA Project No.(s): STP-999-A (BBM)

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