Soil Systems, Inc. Feature Type Coding Sheet

Year: 2007


Soil System, Inc. used the following coding scheme to categorize cultural features.

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Soil Systems, Inc. Feature Type Coding Sheet. 2007 ( tDAR id: 6314) ; doi:10.6067/XCV87D2SQB

Category: Provenience and Context

Subcategory: Feature ID/Number

Coding Rules

Code Term Description Mapped Ontology Node
100 Generic Structure General Feature
101 Pithouse General Feature
102 Surface Masonry General Feature; note: fieldhouse pueblo
103 Surface Adobe General Feature; note: compound or pueblo
104 Ramada General Feature
105 Kiva or Community Structure General Feature
106 Ballcourt General Feature
107 Rock Alignments General Feature; note: e.g., hunting blinds, check dams, field alignments
108 Well General Feature
109 Historic Structure General Feature
110 Plaza/Courtyard General Feature
111 Tower General Feature
112 Tipi Ring General Feature
113 Rock Shelter General Feature
199 Other Structural Feature General Feature
200 Generic Subfeature Intramural Subfeature
201 Hearth Intramural Subfeature
202 Unburned Pit Intramural Subfeature
203 Posthole Intramural Subfeature
204 Niche Intramural Subfeature
205 Bench Intramural Subfeature
206 Deflector Intramural Subfeature
207 Ventilator Shaft Intramural Subfeature
208 Sipapu Intramural Subfeature
209 Trash Mound Intramural Subfeature
210 Floor Intramural Subfeature
211 Roof Intramural Subfeature
212 Wall Intramural Subfeature
213 Entryway Intramural Subfeature
214 Historic Structural Subfeature Intramural Subfeature
215 Antechamner Intramural Subfeature
216 Southern Recess Intramural Subfeature
217 Bin Intramural Subfeature
218 Slab-lined Pit Intramural Subfeature
219 Bell-shaped Pit Intramural Subfeature
220 Burned Pit Intramural Subfeature
221 Ashpit Intramural Subfeature
222 Prehistoric Human Burial Intramural Subfeature
223 Prehistoric Animal Burial Intramural Subfeature
224 Tunnel Intramural Subfeature
225 Pilaster Intramural Subfeature
226 Pit with Vessel Inside Intramural Subfeature
227 Chamber Intramural Subfeature
299 Other Subfeature Intramural Subfeature
300 Generic Nonstructural Feature Extramural Feature
301 Prehistoric Burial - Inhumation Extramural Feature
302 Prehistoric Burial - Cremation Extramural Feature
303 Prehistoric Primary Cremation Extramural Feature
304 Prehistoric Crematorium Extramural Feature
305 Single Pictograph Extramural Feature; note: panel with single element
306 Multiple Pictographs Extramural Feature; note: multiple elements or panels
307 Single Petroglyph Extramural Feature; note: panel with single element
308 Multiple Petroglyphs Extramural Feature; note: multiple elements or panels
309 Stone Circle Extramural Feature
310 Bone Bed Extramural Feature
311 Drive Line Extramural Feature
312 Knapping Locus Extramural Feature
313 Ceramic Firing Area Extramural Feature; note: e.g., a kiln
314 Cairn Extramural Feature
315 Medicine Wheel Extramural Feature
316 Prehistoric Grave Marker Extramural Feature
317 Intaglio Extramural Feature
318 Trash Mound/Midden Extramural Feature
319 Sheet Trash Extramural Feature
323 Miscellaneous Unburned Pit Extramural Feature
324 Horno Extramural Feature
325 Hearth Extramural Feature
326 Posthole Extramural Feature
327 Prehistoric Animal Burial Extramural Feature
328 Nonstructural Historic Feature Extramural Feature
329 Artifact Cluster or Concentration Extramural Feature; note: see code 363 for human bone
331 Canal Extramural Feature
332 Bin Extramural Feature
333 Circular, Slab-lined Pit Extramural Feature
334 Bell-shaped Pit Extramural Feature
335 Burned Pit Extramural Feature
336 Ashpit Extramural Feature
337 Pit with Vessel Inside Extramural Feature
338 Tunnel Extramural Feature
339 Rectangular, Burned, Slab-lined Pit Extramural Feature
350 Historic Mining Feature Extramural Feature; note: e.g., shafts, tunnels, prospect pits, mining cairns
360 Historic Grave Marker Extramural Feature
361 Historic Human Burial Extramural Feature
362 Historic Animal Burial Extramural Feature
363 Bone Cluster of Concentration Extramural Feature: note: definable pit, and no artifacts collected
364 Burial with No Human Bone Present Extramural Feature
399 Other Nonstructural Feature Extramural Feature
500 Non-cultural Feature (VOIDED) Voided Features
Code Term Description
Special Coding Rules: These entries are not in the coding-sheet, but represent edge-cases in Data Integration that may benefit from custom mappings

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