Digital Archive of Huhugam Archaeology (DAHA)

The Digital Archive of Huhugam Archaeology contains over 1,200 digital datasets, documents, reports and images focused on the ancient Huhugam (1500 B.C. – 1450 A.D.) of the southwestern U.S. These files are primarily “grey literature,” that is, unpublished reports and data sets that would otherwise be difficult to obtain.

By creating this collection, we hope this comprehensive archive will:

  • Transform scholars’ ability to answer questions about Huhugam society and will provide crucial long-term data for comparative studies.
  • Give Indigenous communities access to a wealth of archaeological research on ancestral populations.
  • Allow the general public to obtain information about this fascinating ancient culture by directly accessing the digital archive.

Archive development is guided by a crowd-sourced survey and workshops designed to understand the needs of diverse users. The archive will be curated by tDAR, an established digital repository that provides free Web discovery and access to its holdings and pursues a robust program of digital data preservation.

To find out more about using the collection, please visit the DAHA project website at

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Individual Resources
  1. Pueblo Grande Site Map, with Spatial Unit Numbers and Well-Defined Cultural Features/Areas (2012)
Pueblo Grande (AZ U:9:1(ASM)): Unit 15, Washington and 48th Streets: Soil Systems, Inc. Lauth Property Group Data Recovery Project
  1. Pueblo Grande (AZ U:9:1(ASM)): Unit 15: SSI Lauth Data Recovery_Feature 8251 (2008)
Roosevelt Platform Mound Study (RPMS): Research Design, Field and Laboratory Manuals, and Background Research
  1. Theodore Roosevelt Dam Project: Color Map of Project and Investigation Areas (1997)